Is cable cheap? trash talk time

sooo ive been playin marvel since it came out on and off. but alot of people got there opinions on cable is he cheap or a top tier player? I played a ranked match on psn and and this guy named tripricadus played me got beat and spameed the livein balls out of me. sayin my team was very cheap.(storm,cable,psy) he wanted to play me first to ten he invites me and the whole time we where playin he says your soo chezzy. but the thing was my cable was connecting his supers all day long.i play keep away with him who doesnt?he says i kept running and i was very newbish. he kept asstin and my cable keep on killing then. he has the nerve to call me a cheap player and when i learn how to play fair then play him again.btw i beat him 10 in a row.sooo whats up with all of theese new school cats talkin all this trash talk without knowing the game? do you guys think cable is cheap?i play cable all the time and manage to beat cables.

I dunno. I am bad at MVC2.

Also MVC2 section.

Cable is designed to runaway. What are you gonna do, fucking rush down with cable? Not like he has much mixup. Cable IS top tier, and he is a cheap bitch. I’m sure if they were getting mixed up by Magneto and infinited and reset til they died, they’d call that cheap too.

Marvel is cheap. Nerf marvel.

I love the people to come here and like to call shit cheap. (=

It depends. If you watch TV a lot, you get all those extra channels as opposed to just the basic ones, and will probably be worth the price. I mean, it’s endless entertainment for only 45 bucks a month with Comcast Digital. That’s only $1.50 a day! I would say that’s pretty cheap if you watch TV a lot.

However, if you’re not an avid TV viewer, then it might not be worth it, in which case, I would not consider cable cheap if you’re paying for something you’re not gonna use that often.

cable is hella cheap with that comcast triple play deal (tv, phone, internet for 100 bux a month)

I agree completely.


I miss Comcast, I used to have it until it got bought out by Time Warner and then it became gay!

There’s always ways to avoid the nades the and the viper beam. Really doesn’t bother me.
I use Mag, Doom, Storm or Clockworks

True, but if you don’t watch it every day, then it doesn’t have as much value. I probably watch TV once or twice a week, so we’re talking as much as $10.50 a day!

Really though, cheap is a relative question. If someone has a good paying job, then $45.00 a month on cable isn’t much at all really. Lets be real, go out to a nice restaurant for a steak and you’re talking about dropping that kind of cash easy.

On the other hand, if you have to search your couch cushions to find change to afford a happy meal, well cable is certainly not cheap.

So, to the OP, it’s really hard for us to answer the question without knowing your income and WHY THE HELL DID YOU POST THIS IN GENERAL NOT THE GODDAMN MARVEL SECTION?


cable online is just fucked up and I usually ask any good player if we can just soft ban him for the time being. You can’t block AHVB on reaction online. The game is currently fucked and needs a patch desperately.

The way you would normally move around cable is no longer relevant online. The only 3 inputs that won’t get you shot online are upbck, bck, dwnbck. Anything else can be shot on reaction. How the hell are you going to hit cable if you can only move backwards safely?

It’s pretty cheap here (I’m in Australia), but not really very good value. The basic package is $40/month on a min 12 month plan, but you only get about 33 channels, and a third of them are news channels. Plus it doesn’t come with AHVB.

Fuck cable I just download the shows I want online. Then, when said shows get released on DVD, I purchase the seasonal/complete box sets.

That said I take the money I’m saving by not having cable and paying for what I actually want instead of 100+ channels of garbage. Plus I have money left over to boot! Can’t beat that.

OG player eh?:coffee:

This. Why pay for tv + internet when you can just watch practically everything online? The only thing youd have to pay for is maybe blank dvds if you wanna hardcopy and maybe if your really fiend an external harddrive.

Speaking of watching everything online:
I wish I could watch the Real World online. Been missing the latest season because I just don’t watch TV anymore.

Up where my parents live, the ISP market is pretty much an oligopoly, and if you want to have cable internet (since the DSL here is really slow) you’re going to be stuck with something like a 10GB bandwidth limit, and end up having to pay 5$ per gigabyte over.

Pretty much the ISP uses bundled services to price discriminate against people that download a lot, by only providing unlimited bandwidth to people that buy their cable tv package and their phone package with their internet. But if you download a lot every month, its still cheaper than paying 5$ per gigabyte, when it is really easy to download over a gigabyte in just one day.

It’s cheap in two ways, even if you don’t watch any TV, you’re saving money every month. But also, I think it is really unfair to consumers like me. I mean, I know I’m paying for it, but its almost like paying ransom money just to be able to see this week’s barrage of cute animated girls doing cute things. That’s like saying those people paying millions of dollars to save their kidnapped relatives were getting a good deal.

If justice exists in the world, these cable companies should realize that it’s just cheap to take advantage of helpless victims, and stop doing it. Europe bans this kind of uncompetitive practice all the time. You hear that? It’s uncompetitive, and that means its cheap. Stupid scrubs.

I’m a full time worker soon to be student and I can’t afford to pay for cable at all. Cheap? I wish. :sad:

get a dish it’s much cheaper, fuck cable.