Is cable cheap? trash talk time

satellite “raise the roof motion”

Negai Kinoshita is cheaper than your precious Cable >:/

I have Time Warner so no

Cable is pretty cheap if you go on monoprice, they rip you off at radioshack and best buy.

God-like thread derailing gaiz.

Keep up the good work. :smokin:

With Cable right now but wouldn’t mind going to Dish. Only problem is that around here a good storm can still fuck with a Dish signal and in this part of Florida it storms a lot. Price I checked would be about the same but I’d have to switch phone companies since mine (well my land line at least) is also through my cable company.

Also you have not been playing Marvel since it came out, unless you consider mid-summer 2009 it’s release date.

Cable companies with the help of zoning laws, and the fact that they are oligopolies… rape your pocket monthly.

lol @ cheap :looney:

I’m honestly considering the Dish. My fucking cable bill is ridiculous these days. Seriously.

Cable is cheap if you consider all that you can get with it. My household is decked out with phone, fax, tv, and internet through cable so all together it’s cheap. But if you’re neighbor has a strong wireless internet signal, and you dont need a home phone line, then satellite might be cheaper. It can vary depending on region too.

Holy fuck is it the year 2002?

True that, but… I have all the premium channels in HD, fax/phone, and internet (which I do like Comcast iNet). My monthly bill is usually around $200.

My old man gets all the same shit that I’ve got with ATT UVERSE, for about $120. I’d switch to that, but they don’t offer it where I live. :frowning:

To be fair, a good Storm can fuck up Cable too.:wink:

We have a winner :tup:

So gdlk.

Not only do you win, but we all fail for not coming up with that sooner.

We got dat UVERSE. It’s a really good deal. :lovin:

Does anyone remember the really old post about how Cable is not cheap, but Doom is because you can buy a copy of Doom for pc for under 5 dollars.

The year 2000 called, it wants its thread back.

Comcast has the shittiest customer service. Its fucking ghetto.

trying too hard.

cable? na I got da internet,phone, and cable package all connected for a reasonable price
Im with direct tv I got that during the special promotion so its pretty solid…

wait why are people talking about MVC2?

plus one for comcast hate, you know that shit is ghetto when random neighbors walk up to you say “YALL GOT CABLE OVER THERE YET I CAN HOOK YOU UP!!”