Is cable cheap?

So I decided that im going to make my main God Tier character Cable. Thing is whenever you pick him people always bitch and complain. I just wanted some other peoples opinions on whether or not you think hes cheap or not, and if theres any respect for someone whos beast with cable. I always hear stuff like “Cable takes no skill” but I’ve played some really good players including Josh360 and I can honestly say that at high levels of play Cable DOES take lots of skill. Honestly I believe that at high levels of play that nothing is cheap. Anyways I just wanted to get some other peoples opinions on cable.

Cable is cheap only insofar as he’s the easiest top-tier character to use for players new to the game. He doesn’t take “no skill”, especially at top level play, but it’s much easier to link three AHVBs than get 42 hits with a rom, execute unfly combos or preform resets.

One on one, Cable loses to Magneto/Storm 8-2 in my opinion. He has better odds against Sentinel but I think the match-up is still in Sent’s favor.

When you throw assists in the game (of course, this is Marvel) Cable’s odds increase dramatically. But to be effective, Cable needs to have at least two bars, usually three, to make the other player worry. Short of that you’re not going to kill any of the opponent’s assists and if you try to Cable’s going to have no meter left and you’re going to get rushed down with impunity, because Cable doesn’t have a devastating meter-less combo.

But people that bitch about Cable are going to bitch because they’re bitches. Whenever someone complains about my cable being cheap in a lobby match and they pick cable to show me what’s up, they end up rage quitting because they have no idea how to use him effectively. Haters gonna hate.

So, how do you use Cable effectively??

Alright since no one answered I’ll offer my two cents.

The two most significant combos with cable, and worth learning, are as follows:,, hk, tiger-knee AHVB. (AHVB means Air Hyper Viper Beam. It’s done with a tiger knee motion :down to up-forward:. You should see the super jump splash and have the super come out immediately.)

HP x 4, lp skimitar, AHVB. The skimitar is cancel-able into super, so this combo gives you a way to link multiple AHVBs from full screen.

Standing fierce is really good to put the pressure on from full screen. If you have them in block stun, canceling with almost any of cable’s specials (grenade, lp.skimitar, lp.viper beam, psy-charge) is better than letting the move recover on its own. Be careful about using hp. viper beam because a lot of characters can punish it.

If they jump over your standing fierce you have three options. lp. skimitar is the most offensive of these and keeps the pressure on really well, especially against characters without multi-jump or airdash. psy-charge is good because it has less recovery and allows you to move cable faster than letting HP recover on its own. Grendade is the most defensive option. Make sure that, no matter which version you use, you hold the button in and release it on your own. If you do it like that, you can have the grenade detonate right above cable’s head, which is a great defensive tool against enemies who are coming in overhead. If you don’t hold the button in the grenade with detonate mid-screen.

In practice mode, get your guard breaks down to a science. Put the CPU in normal jump mode and practice hit-confirming guard breaks. If you didn’t know, Marvel limits characters in normal jump mode to one guard action. So if you hit a character at the peak of their jump with a gunshot and wait half a second, you’ll be able to AHVB them.

Last, keep in mind that Cable is a threat any time he has three bars. Practice comboing three AHVBs in practice mode (It might be tough, but with enough practice you’ll get the timing down to combo 4. Against big chracters like Sent and Blackheart you should be able to combo 5 no problem.) If cable has 3 bars he’s a mortal threat to most assists: if your opponent calls an assist out, hit them with three AHVBs but DON’T do it as quick as you would against a point character. This is because combos can be reset for more damage against assists just as combos can be reset against point characters.

Hope that gets you guys started.

Learn Iron Man’s infinite and anytime people bitch about Cable (which indicates they likely suck), pick Iron Man instead and just huh huh huh huh huh them to death.


haters alwayss gonna hate.

I actually did that, but then they just leave :frowning:

Use him dude, XBL people are a bunch of fucktards . I’ve gotten complaints about my MORRIGAN/Tron assist team being cheap.

TacticalPanda already went through most of Cable’s zoning game, but I would just like to add that it’s important not just to do switch up your movement and not just do call sentinel drones, fp fp fp, lp. scimitar, jump back…repeat. There’s only so much stage space, and if a Mags or Storm, or hell even Sentinel has you trapped in the corner it’s pretty much game over unless you have an awesome assist like Cyclops. Even then, they can easily bait that assist out and do a double snapback, and well that’s usually GG. Basically, it’s important to learn when and how to move FORWARD with Cable as well.

Learn how to do 3-4 straight wavedashes (when you see Mags or Storm superjumping and you’re near the corner, wavedash under them to reset the situation).

What will your team be with Cable? Cable needs at least one good partner in order to be good.

Cable is cheap, all u have to learn is the super in the air, doing a J motion and how to use it. It goes through EVERYTHING as long as u time it right.

Man… Cable isn’t cheap he’s more annoying than anything, I think the whole reason why folks hate Cable is cause of his AVHB and his turtle play. Cable is most deadly when he has 2+ meters. Fatal you know I hate Cable and Blackheart with a passion! :lol:

But yeah… like Panda stated you should learn how to do his AHVB (combo and without it comboing):
],, hk xxx AHVBx3
[],, hp xxx AHVBx3
],, hk, lp Scimitar xxx AHVBx3
[*],, hp, lp Scimitar xxx AHVBx3
Once you get the first AHVB off all you gotta do next is just hold up and just do the simple motion for HVB. No need to sj xxx HVB after the first one. I think the way to connect them is the first one is down and the rest is up (his beam) to make sure they stay in it. Once you get that down then you’re already deadly enough to use him.

When playing against Storm, Magneto or Sentinel all you gotta do is keep them away from you, if they sj, airdash or fly towards you all you gotta do is either hit them with a lp scimitar or an AAA. Cable with a solid AAA is very hard to get in on which also makes him more annoying. :lol:

If you plan on using Cable as your main character then you better have a solid AAA assist to back him up and build meter. Most folks usually use Sent, CapCom, Cyke and Psy. I’m no Cable expert but I know his basics.

No one uses Psy for Cable. Psy is a Magneto only assist imho.

But yea, other than that you got Cable’s basics down. Of course, Cable is one of those character’s that there’s not that much difference between a good Cable and an expert Cable.

Everyone’s A-GAME is cheap.

But they’re winning.

So better start rethinking your options.

People I’ve played on XBL been using:
So Psy isn’t a “Magneto” only assist.

I’m gonna go with bman and say that alot of people abuse psylocke’s AA assist for many occasions and not just magneto. I use her with cammy on point so I can setup her air HC easily.

But to Cable, yes he can be cheap with his awesome AHVB repetition and it can be annoying trying to run him down when he’s got a solid AA assist and the person knows how to defend with him, but it’s part of the game. No matter what you do though, there will be someone complaining about your team or your tactics. Just play who you want and have fun.

I just lost my championship belt to cable…:frowning:

He is cheap, depending on how you use him. If you keep shooting that lazer gun and doing his assist, then yeah he’s cheap.

So he’s cheap to you by having a keep away pattern?

I honestly wouldn’t call Cable cheap. He’s best used as a keep-away, so you learn to get used to his play after seeing it for so long.

What I do hate, however, is that damn unblock-able he does when he blasts at the wall when your character comes in after the other was defeated. So annoying. Push-block and taking the hit does no justice in that situation. You just have to eat those AHVB’s and hope you’re still in one piece.

Your playing Marvel

You better ditch all thoughts of ‘cheap’ or you aint gonna get far