Is cancelling into Genei-jin from a jab shoulder a bad idea?

Just got my first stick ever, just got back into 3s, just picked Yun (I know; it can’t get any worse). My execution frickin’ sucks, so I have to “hide” motions a lot (like doing a QCF to cr mk so I QCF again to get into GJ/Sourai-Rengeki - yeah, I use that ATM -, is that a bad habit, BTW? The QCF thing, not the SAII, I kinda like it).

To make things easier for myself, I like to hold forward during the 123 TC so I do a quick QCF to go into jab shoulder and then cancel into my SA of choice. However, after cancelling into GJ, I find it somewhat hard to follow it up with st mp x f hp so I can actually begin the GJ combo itself.

I have seen people doing it on my Alex back when I played GGPO, so I wanted to know if it’s a character specific thing or if it just has a tougher timing than the normal 123 x GJ thing (which I can’t do to save my life - is there some shortcut/secret to that?).

that’s pretty normal. you just need to know the timing better probably. there’s a delay after activation before you can input anything but its pretty short.

But is it actually worse or different in any way from cancenling into it without the shoulder?

EDIT: Someone move this to the Yun sub-forum?; the character sub forus thingie didn’t show up on the main page up there because the page was half loaded when I created this. I’m blaming the internet for this one.

the shoulder makes it harder to red parry since yun can change the timing on the cancel somewhat.

The damage noticeably scales if you do manage to hit them with 123Shoulder xx Geneijin, but it’s easier to cancel into and it’s fine for when that Shoulder(blocked or hit) will give you just enough meter for a stocked bar.

Like I said though, the damage scales pretty bad(not awful, but you’ll get some less than desirable damage from a full juggle), and it’s also easy to redparry.

If they aren’t blocking and you do 123 jab shoulder, adding that extra jab shoulder only scales your geneijin more… its good to use 123 jab shoulder ONLY if the jab shoulder will give you enough meter for geneijin.

Jab shoulder canceling though isn’t bad… say whom ever you’re playing is blocking and you do a block string on them st.strong -> st.short > jab shoulder > cancel genejin… those are legitimate ways to use it, doing 123 shoulder while they’re blocking will get you killed… that shit is free red parry for anybody decent.