Is Capcom anti Islam?

Having heard about this through various sites I decided to digg a little deeper and verify. Unfortunately the following confirms the rumours that sacred places are depicted in this game-and with evil intent:

Now this is the general discussion section of the forums and I did a search but couldn’t find this being discussed. I have been a long-time SF fan and have spent literally thousands on Capcom’s products so before I jump to conclusions about the organisation I really would like to know their reasoning for including these images.

Is the producer/creator of this game Capcom?
Are they anti-Islamic or is this a total misunderstanding/coincidence?

This is a discussion board so please discuss-do not flame.

Yea they’re anti christian as well, cos that one time they had like a church in the scenery, and anti zombie of course since they glorify the killing of poor innocent ghouls.


Seriously, who gives a shit? Muslims? Well then they’re being too fucking sensitive again, go have a cry about how the world hates you and your pariah religion and burn some japanese flags.

people finding stupid shit like this is why capcom put in a dumb ai into re5 - its actually affecting the quality of the games :frowning: