Is Chun-li playable on pad at high levels?

Just wondering if anyone uses Chun with a pad as to players who use a stick Chun, and if she’s the type of character who would benefit from a pad style. Thanks!

Youtube Shizza

i play chun in socal and i use a pad and a stick

imo you can be just as effective with either controller so just use whatever you prefer

Even if it relates to the atrocious but somewhat useful 360 stock pad? XD

I main Rog/Chun, but what’s oddly funny is that I can do Rog’s ultra from a crouching position easily; as opposed to Chun’s where I can only do it from countering another Ultra or from wakeup. I’d like to use the analog stick, but it’s to wild and I feel as if I lose a charge during certain moves.

I made this vid during vanilla to demonstrate my issue:

dude, get a stick. rogs < > < > ultra is way more lenient than chuns, bison, blanka ultra. actually rogs ultra i ride the bottom of the square gate to do it (its that damn lenient). you look like you are having a hard time with that damn xbox pad, i was just like you, but i moved on to stick, no more of those execution problems. you cannot be losing matches just because of execution problems with a 360pad. when i used xbox360 controller i used zangief, because 360’s were easy as hell with the analog.

In my opinion, you can play her with a pad.

She’s not Plink dependant, not really a motion character…

The only problem you’ll have to deal with is for mashing leg. You’ll have no problem with x 2 ex leg, but Cloz Hk to ex leg can be though with a pad


If you’re gonna use the d-pad when you play then i suggest you get a madcatz fightpad. It’s a lot better than the 360 controller.

She works fine with the pad. All her legs combos can be executed, but a stick is always the better option to go with though.

see… shizza.

Chun is playable on pad on high levels.
Again, see Shizza :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s alot of pad chuns out there actually. (myself and mvashm comes to mind :P)

I use the regular ps3 controller and the only thing i can’t do with properly is the slide (ie. cr.hp>>mk.kick and others). I honestly can’t do option selects since i don’t understand it… haha but it’s doable.

But yes.

her… yes because she is more of a defensive character. anyone else… maybe. you may not have all of the options like you would with a stick but i would like to see some people use others at a high level with a pad

wolfkrone… top viper pad player

I use the Xbox controller but I’m only at a high level after I sm–