Is creating combos piece by piece all for naught?

so i have a little wesker combo that i’ve been working on, for months, finding out what hits and what doesn’t and then, i saw it on youtube… so should i keep creating this combos or, just do the usual (copy everyone else)

There’s no reason not to exercise some creativity in the combos you want to fit into your arsenal if you can find a way to make it useful (whether it be easy to do, puts you in a favorable situation, good damage, sets up a DHC or even a DHC glitch etc.) but the combos that people copy are generally copied because that they are the most effective ones at what they set out to do that people have found out by now.

So while it’s cool to keep your own combos in your back pocket, I strongly recommend you go ahead and learn the normal combos that other people use. Also, don’t look at it as copying everyone else, you’ll find your own unique way of setting it up and playing the character that you’ll figure out plenty of ways to inject your personality into the playstyle while still optimizing your options and effectiveness.

imo you should do your homework, but still keep an open mind to new possibilities. no sense wasting time building up all this game knowledge by yourself when its at your fingertips, but a player who isn’t creative will lose!

I’d say it’s a big waste of time, having to go on youtube may be annoying at first because watching something is never the same as putting it to use but it’s much faster then finding something out on your own.

Watch what youtube people do, and look at what you do. Adding them together can make a combo that is much greater than the combos separately.

On one hand, learning from others is an excellent tool for leveling up your game. But the research you put into discovering your own combos, even if you find out that other people have also discovered them, will be an immense help because you will have learned on your own, how hits are linked, how the character flows from hands on experience.

Both medhods are very viable for getting better.

Like a lot of people already stated watching matchs helps. While you are watching matchs though, really watch what they are doing, combo wise and ask yourself “Why are the doing this combo at this particular time?” It takes a while to really understand why people do certain combos are certain moments but the more you watch and critically analyze them you can go into the “lab” and practice them. Learning a characters already established “Bread and butter” combos work too and then trying stuff out… Be sure you find a way that works for you though. Anything we say is void if it does not work to your particular learning style.

I suggest you use the best combo for the situation, whether that be something made by someone else or yourself…Don’t be afraid to copy something it will improve your play. You shouldn’t completely leave it up to others to discover things though, you’ll understand the game more if you’re able to piece together things so just keep doing what you’re doing but don’t be stubborn enough to only use things you invented.

Most combos you see are generally optimized, but creating your own combos has the benefit of helping you understand hitstun deterioration and how it effects your character, and what you can get off from any random hit.

it’s important to note that you don’t have to do the best combo in every situation. viscant admits he has weak execution and often uses sub-optimal combos that he can be sure he’ll land, and dude just won evo. granted he plays a team which mitigates his weaknesses as a player.