Is CS.MK underutilized?



What’s up guys. I’m beginning to finally get a little better with Balrog, and I noticed that in many of the videos posted in the threads here, it seems like CS.MK (the one that looks like a kidney punch) isn’t used a whole lot, nor is it discussed much. What’s up with that? Is there an obvious reason I don’t know about? It is the most damaging normal (at 90 damage and 100 stun) that cancels into a Special/Super, so I assume it should be good to use in combos, maybe not as a hit confirm (it’s -3 on block), but… I don’t know- what’s up with it? It’s such a cool looking move! (I’m a sucker for aesthetics).


It’s a hard normal to use, most of his close normals are. You know the glitch everyone bitches about what makes some links hard on Balrog in general, and it’s very difficult to meaty throw him? Same thing with his close normals, the range in which his close normals change to far normals is REALLY short, so generally you can only get close normals after a jump-in BUT, there are other combos available…

Quote from the matchup thread:

I should make this a much bigger link instead of just “xls”, alas…look at the spreadsheet:


Thanks for the link to the spreadsheet, you da man! All that frame data is beginning to make sense now that I understand what it means. Now if I could only get my execution tightened up a bit…