Is 'Daigo' actually THE Daigo?

It showed international as his region and he was named Daigo. He was pretty good too but I ended up having a 50/50 record with him. If that truly is him I’m proud of myself.

Daigo Temple

No. First off, I’m pretty sure he isn’t playing TvC since he only plays SF games. Secondly, he wouldn’t be playing online with people from the states cuz of lag. Thirdly, only americans call him “Daigo” he goes by the name “umehara” when he competes, which is what Japanese people call him.

its from onimusha

He’s been in Capcom vs Snk 2 and Guilty Gear tournaments.

He is if you believe he is.

There is a piece of Daigo in all of us.

What’s more likely… It actually being Daigo, or some kid naming himself after the most well-known fighting game player? :razzy:
Besides, wouldn’t Daigo pick Asia as his region?


yeah… probably wasn’t daigo. but u should still be proud of urself.

This recurring “Is Daigo Temple based off from Daigo” is begging to be put in TvTropes’ Beam Me Up Scotty trope.

yeah except thats not what he asked.

impostor or not he got an ass kicking that second match!

Ah I know, it was just brought up XD

Hay guyz du u think daigo temple is actually named after teh daigo who made perry evo comeback?

What ‘parry’ video? What?

EDIT: OMG… that’s… that’s crazy, man! WTF!!!