Is daisy chaining power strips a big deal?


I ask because it’s how I’ve done things my entire life and I’ve never had an issue but someone just scared the shit out of me with some info. Anyone know their stuff on this topic?


You will get written up by the fire marshal. :clown:


As funny as that is, I’m legitimately concerned about the house now.


Better make sure the home owners insurance is current.


One hot point to power them all!!

don’t go overboard, but in most cases your fuse will blow before you do any damage if something does go wrong.


What’s the info you were so worried about btw?


I mean, they aren’t cheapo ones or anything and I don’t keep all the stuff on at once. It’s just so convenient.

I was scared because a friend of mine told me “DON’T FUCKING DO IT, YOUR HOUSE WILL GO ON FIRE”. So I’m getting more opinions because I’ve been doing stuff like this forever now and nothing got damaged.


Your house is essential a power strip no?


We had an electrician over a couple weeks ago for a couple things, i asked him if it was dangerous to have all my stuff running off one hot point (2 cabs,tv,pinball machine,supergun) and he wasn’t worried and just said about the fuse blowing before anything else, in saying that i don’t normally run everything at once


who dat in your av?


I always wondered if having an extension cord and then the surge protector after would work. shouldn’t it? All I would be doing is extending the wall outlet and then protecting right?


I have 3 power surges in one outlet essentially.


Lol I have been doing this since I was a kid and my house is an “older” house and i haven’t had any problems. No blown fuses or any flipped switches from it. I would try to put one of them on a different outlet at least. If you can just check every thing once and a while and make sure every plug isn’t hot, you should be fine.


If you have crap quality / badly maintained power strips then yeah - it will probably end in tears.


Three might be a little “much” but it’s hard to tell, if there are three power strips and all 8 slots on each powerstrip is plugged into a fridge pulling a ton of power then you might have a problem. If it’s just a computer and a fan or a DVR and you don’t have all power outlets on everyone being used at maximum load you -should- be ok.

The problem with these sort of things is it’s all about probabilities. You’re PROBABLY ok. Should you look into spacing out the power or making sure you’ve got decent power management (not shitty power strips, clean power to the outlet)? Yeah, but it’s not as if a sudden electrical fire will just spark out of nowhere. Like was posted before if you live any kind of decently wired house the fuse will blow first.


Well the exact situation is that there are 2 outlets on a wall one outlet has a 2 power strips almost full, not much of it is ever used at the same time and the other outlet has 3 power strips 2 are PACKED but I rarely if ever at all turn all that stuff on at once and the third one has like 3 things in it, mostly chargers and stuff like that.


Yeah a lot of the time I see a lot of power strips used at once is because of big adapters and stuff that isn’t turned on all the time. As long as everything isn’t on and pulling MAXIMUM POWER at all times you should be fine.


Man, I guess I just needed to hear it from someone else, I’ve done far stupider things with electricity before, like in this one old house’s basement there was only one outlet and it was like… on the radiator or something so I used this one 2 pronged older than me extension cords to plug in like 2 power strips for 2 old TVs, 2 VCRs, and 3-4 game systems.