Is Dan's far standing hard kick useful?



I saw ixion use SHK very often, but this move is damn slow with terrible range
How do you guys think about this move? Is it useful??


Ixion’s mileage comes from it being a decent max range poke against certain normals, stuff like chuns sweep, and doing it after far or close lk to bait out crouch techs. Gotta condition them to crouch tech first though.


Ixion frame traps the shit out of people with it all the time


Not really a frametrap, but it is useful at the max range as it makes dan’s hurtbox go a bit backwards during the execution of the move, and it is actually missing hurtbox completely under the leg :slight_smile:


I use it as a general footsie tool. I find that its amazing against mid-level grappler (Gief, Abel, Hakan, Hawk) players. I’ve been getting some use out of it against Oni and E.Ryu as well, but it really depends on you.