Is dante going to become the new ryu?

seriously i can understand the current build they had at the food fight being a little too small for some people

but it had 18 characters not 4 or 5 but 18!
and everyone picks dante every match

somehow ryu rarely showed up during any of the fights

do you guys think dante is gonna become the new ryu or is he a bit harder then some think he is?

no. Ryu is Ryu. Dante is Dante. I am Macarratti. you are Crimson Cobra.

well right now ryu’s not seeming like ryu

we’ll dont you think he’s a character everyone wants to try out? plus in the builds Dante is really good.

sigh another pointless thread. Post this kind of stuff in general discussion, or even the DANTE THREAD.

he is?
I’ve heard he’s not really as good as people say he is
from someone whose played it
he’s just getting overblown because of the hype for his character’s appearance

after all fans were foaming at the mouth when Dante wasn’t included in TVC

i played the build myself at nycc and he is good. i know the guys from team spooky and i meet keits from them. he showed me everything he can do and he even said himself dante is one of the best characters so far. plus the games not even done yet to make a conclusion. btw v joe is really ass. he dies in like 4 or 5 hits (literally). that should tell you they have some fixing to do.

Dante is the new Dante. :stuck_out_tongue:

But no one used Ryu in MvC2, if you want an accurate statement Dante is the noob character of choice.

Let me use my orb and tell u which chars gonna be used most after release. I´m 100% sure Dante,Ryu,Wolverine,Deadpool and Spiderman gonna be on 70% of the online tards teams.

Personally everyone know’s how ryu is gonna play, so why even mess around with a staple character when you can try the new ones. Dante is not ryu, he’s just new interest.


because he’s easy and people know how he works
hell nobody played anyone else except ryu during all those early TVC Streams…

yeah but Ryu sucks this time. He can’t even do TvC combos anymore.

Ryu = Sticking to the basics. Basics are lame, but they don’t suck.

Ryu and Dante are pretty much polar opposites anyway. Dante’s all about style, Ryu’s all about substance. I still have yet to see Ryu do anything interesting in every match he’s been in so far. He just kind of jumps around a bit, does a lot of single hit sweeps, hadoukens and lands the occasional shinku before he’s taken out in 2 combos or chipped to death.

LoL! True.

He’ll be the most popular character no doubt and the one you will end up fighting the most.

Wha, I thought he could. >_> Why can’t he anyway? Series wallbounce series tatsu shinkuu is still there.

Yea, alot of the new builds they are starting to axe TvC style shit. Viewtiful Joe definitely doesn’t play like he did in TvC. Ryu is getting new stuff. They want to make MvC 3 it’s own thing since the whole speculation is MvC 3 = TvC 2 with Marvel Characters lol.

all the dantes you will run into are going to be casual gamers. give it 3 months at best before they stop playing the game then problem solved. i will play dante because i like his style and i played dmc games before i got into fgs competitively. So far Dante/Storm/Iron Man for me.