Is Deadpool an Anti-Phoenix?

Machine Gun super into X-Factor > Cut Time seems to catch her with no repel aura on the ground.

Can someone else confirm?

Is there a video that shows this happening so we can analyze it?

Not that I know of.

I remember the Spiderman one and Tron with the drill assist but not Deadpool.

Just me tinkering around.

First post on SRK and its a helpful one, good start?


sorry about that, i deleted the wrong video :stuck_out_tongue:


Tested it with my brother and is legit.

Quick Work works and Down + H into whatever works as well.

Yay Deadpool! I’m proud of my man Wade Wilson. :smokin:

Cut Time works and is the most reliable but is range dependent. At max to a little bit more than half distance, DP will be able to block.

Otherwise it connects.

Quick Work and Down + H connect too but is more tricky and unreliable and with DP, unreliability isn’t good at all, LOL! :razzy:

thats really cool great find!

Now for the hard part, can anyone explain this?

I’m curious to see if other characters can replicate something similar like this. Would Dante be able to do something similar using his lvl 1 million dollars into his lvl 3?

Dante works but the bullets push too far and his Lvl 3 has short range.

Wolverine’s Weapon X works as well but is extremely hard to setup with him.

Viper’s Lvl 3 doesn’t work.

Are you doing this while phoenix is on the ground or jumping? i tried this but for me its not working, a video will be good.

On the ground.

There is a video as well on this thread.

Vid got removed but I will try it 2nite.

you talking about killing her with mg super then XFC cuttin’ time as she’s transforming? I haven’t been able to recreate it if so, details SVP.

I put it back up, I just realized I deleted the wrong one

Hi I tried it but I also set her to block after transforming, and she blocked the CT. Are there any more details?

same thing here, the way CT works is it punishes in a 1F window so unless there’s something im not getting the phoenix will be able to block every time after transformation

Is it crossing up on the other side maybe? I know CT has a fat hit box.

I dont think its crossing up. As far as I can tell this only works when the phoenix player isnt blocking