Is deleting your double post taboo? (And something extra to make this thread legit)

Okay, I’ve been here a while and I’ve noticed something.

Alot of established members (by that, I mean guys I’ve seen around here alot) making double post and editing them usually saying ‘Oops, Doublepost,’ or something along those lines. Although I’ve also noticed that deleting your second post is not only an option, but just as simple.

Now, I’m probably just being stupid but am I missing something here? Is there a reason why these people do this?

Also, maybe in writing this thread, people will start deleting their double posts, but I doubt anyone besides me cares.


Also, to make this thread not a total waste, how do I unlock extra costumes for 3S on GGPO?

I really like that Black and Red Chun Li one that you select with Start and HP.

Probably for the +1 post count.

You only see your post count if you have premium, so I doubt it’s that. However, for some odd reason that what you said is the case then there are some sad sad people out there.

I delete my post, so I don’t know why other people edit it out. It doesn’t matter, who cares.

It’s an issue with this version of VBulliten…

You can’t. Those are console only colors.

Lol thanks. I’m getting the Dreamcast version, seeing as I spend more time working on my execution that I do actually fighting people online anyway.

Edit:Is it wrong to ask about emulators here?

I think the bigger question is why these boards have us making accidental double posts… It’s starting to get really annoying again. At one point in time I got used to it because it didn’t happen frequently, but now it just happens every single time I post.

I can see my post count and I’m not prem. o.O

I always delete them but I should leave them to expose how shitty this “upgrade” has been.

i actually wonder the same thing. every time I DP I just delete 1 of them. but everyone else either leaves it as is, or edits it into an “oops” post. I am rather puzzled why they do that…

Oh, they changed it then. In any case, I don’t think people would not delete for a stupid reason like that

Lots of people delete their duplicate posts; you just don’t see them. :rofl:

I think we’re (or at least I’m) only just talking about the ones who edit their post instead of deleting it.

I don’t have a problem with this issue. Are people just raping the reply button? Don’t think I’ve ever D/P.

Me neither. I just ignore whenever it asks me to re-submit my message. My original message is always already posted so this is a non-issue, just a bit annoying compared to before.

that double post thing is a annoying everytime i post something…

but reason why i never delete mine is because i didn’t know you could delete posts in this forum.

i’m going to intention double post this n try to delete it, if you still see it, it means i gave up.

I have no idea why anyone would bother deleting a double post.

Mine doesn’t double post often. It usually says “Post again in 14 seconds” because it tried to double post but the anti-spam catches it.

This is why I always click on “Go Advanced”

Cleaner boards, and a nicer environment for everyone. I’ve been on pages of topics where there are literally a dozen double posts (I have my options set to 50 posts per page). Quite irksome, just useless text and unneeded space. But it’s worse when rather than deleting the post (phenomenally easy to do) people edit 'em with "oops"s or links to unrelated stuff. Again, just a waste of space.

Here’s the deal, boys and girls. The double posting has been a problem for a while and no fix is in the foreseeable future. For those of you who say “it never happens for me,” grats. It’s either a browser thing or you have some sort of ancient Chinese protection spell keeping you safe from double posting. For the rest of us, just delete them and be done with it. Do your part to keep the boards tidy, and if others don’t give a rat’s ass about their double posts then let them be. Obviously some of us would rather not “bother.”