Is dhalsim for cowards?


i want to share with you a funny HATE PSN msg i received after a battle

i played against newbie Ken, that all he does is focusing my pokes to get in ,
and he was sooo predictable, i do IAT he focus , so i started to fire ball and poke (zoning him)

he didnt know what to do against the zoning of dhalsim , and he lost, then he sent me this exact PM


Standard response to such messages:

U mad???

my answer to him was:

ur the best Ken in the universe and i am a newbie training dhalsim
but i won and u lost , go search why u lost ,better than writing to me the story of ur life

nice answer!
lol at top 5 at europe :smiley:

erm, i share the same sentiments wif ts. i play in arcades wif dhalsim n i get lots of taunts frm opponents when they juz dunno how to deal wif sim’s zoning. N the best part of it is i do get occasional arcade players who bang their machines aft losing n show me the middle finger. Wonder how many of these ‘‘losers in life’’ will ever get to learn to deal wif it than to whine n complain like a loser

I mainly play the game online hoping to get hate mail. Dhalsim is perfect for that :slight_smile:

I think if you get mail like this you should see it as a compliment.

I like to send something like: “You did your best, princess. That’s all I can ask. Your Ken is adorable. <333” and then block them immediately. The more beers I have though, the more descriptive/explicit I’ll get.

“well… at least you struggled less than your mom” and then immediately block… lol. Ppl will find a phrase for every character though… nothing new. lets see, for the sf4 characters:

abel: grab whore
akuma: pussy/fireball spammer
rog: nigga (usually with an er instead of an a)
blanka: ball spamming turtle
viper: chirp
cammy: spammer
chun: tier whore (though she wasn’t… ppl tend to think tiers carry over from the most recent game…lol…since she was top in 3s)
dan: luck/******/pussy/spammer (dudes are like a bitch in heat on this one…)
sim: coward/pussy
honda: turtle
fei: spammer (basically a rekka whore…)
gen: jump spam??
gouken: tier whore (because he was a boss character… …lol)
guile: turtle/projectile whore
ken: lol…
bison: cheater (chipping blockstrings are cheap seemingly…)/boss user
rose: (I honestly have no clue…lol)
rufus: tier whore, spammer, etc
Sagat: TIER WHORE!!!
sakura: some crap about her mix-ups being overpowered… i guess they don’t know how to look at the screen?
seth: you have ENTIRE COUNTRIES hating on this dude…lol
geif: …
elf: you won’t let me get up
claw: spamming coward turtle… (forget he is low tier…he is OP!!).

its called complaining… it happens a lot in games. I think if you never flipped a boardgame in anger when you were a little kid (mind you… LITTLE) then you just weren’t competitive enough…lol. Obviously the dude was just a booster though and probably sucked. Good players don’t complain about sim… at least not while they are sober.

If you use Dhalsim online, expect a lot of hate mail. There are a lot of scrubby people online anyways so eventually you’ll get something like that.

thanks for the laugh this morning! I needed it!

Damn I must be doing it wrong; I haven’t gotten a single piece of hate mail as yet. And to tell you the truth, I’m a little down about it haha


nice one

Do you think Dhalsim players have any confidence using any other close range character besides a big one with a top of hp?

Strangely I have had more flame messages with Hakan than Sim. That guy was just whining to cover up his own failings but I do agree that playing vs Sim for a lot of games can turn in to a drag.

Are you here to complain or did you just miss the point? (or am i missing your point)

hahaha excellent

I think most players only have 1 or 2 ways of getting in on people to do the 1 combo they can spam out, when Sim zones them they get upset. I used to enjoy playing against Sim before he was my main because I had to out think them to get in to do the damage, but once in it can be over fast.
I know the original question was not serious, but obviously having a low stamina character is not cowardly, lose concentration for a split second and it’s probably over.

If I was introducing someone to fighting games who wanted to improve, I’d tell them to pick Sim so they learn zoning straight away, I think he’s the best guy for learning good habits because you get punished big time for being in the wrong place, can’t rely on spamming, gotta focus. My opinion anyway :slight_smile:

I agree! You should post it on

I like how Dudley wasnt on that list, lol, when you get bodied by the Duds all you can say is:

“That was awesome/classy/etc”

I got sent a message today from a Rufus player I beat (cause he didn’t know what he was doing):

“oh, wow… a sim turtle”

What, like I’m meant to rushdown Rufus as Dhalsim? lol.

Yoga RTSD bitches!

I wanna see Valle pick up Sim and come up with some kinda magical tele rush down tactic of doom now, shit would be hilarious, real talk.

As a fun fact, Sim from ST/HDR can actually rush down, and has a pretty nasty pressure game in addition to his keep away antics. Actually, he could kinda do it in A2/A3 as well, thats actually the only reason I dont play Sim in SF4, I miss having that ability. :’(