Is Dhalsim viable



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Iyo dropped sim. Mochi dropped sim. F.Champ doesn’t play SF serious anymore. Now this is just conjecture but I think that’s because he got really frustrated with sim. Has Arturo switched to Rose? Not sure about him.

If dhalsim is not viable then there are only two reasons to play him. 1) for fun 2)to show off

If he is tournament viable then i ask, is he really? look at all the pros who dropped him. The constant pressure, bad matchups… it must be so wearing…I hope that one day a sim player will come that can play the “divine game” and completely dismantle top cammys seth rufus (hakans???)and everyone

Do you think that will be possible or is sim just a crazy pipe dream?


Mochi dropped sim? source?


Sim is… kinda of poor right now.


At least you don’t main T. Hawk.


Top players drop character
Character all of a sudden not viable.


alot of bad match ups , some of are un-playable like cammy abel seth rufus fei long
i play him because i like him and played him since SF2
but i do however have secondary character


I want a source on Mochi dropping as well. He did so well in Topanga B League.




Ok I was wrong about Mochi. My evidence of him was a couple of youtube comments saying he was in semi retirement. I am a fool. But I am sure about the others i have listed.

I readthe tier list thread and Dhalsim is currently bottom 3!!!

Is he done for? For you tourny sims (particularly snafoo) what gives you hope of winning with him? what makes him viable for you?


I think that the greatest problem with Dhalsim is his neutral game.

For his neutral game you basically have a flowchart that follows:

Close? b.LK, b.MK
Close but not so much? s.LK
A bit further? s.MP, s.MK
3/4 distance? s.HP, cr.MP
Jump-in from close? b.MP
Jump-in from a bit a far? b.HK
Jump-in from far? s.HK

You also have a fireball but the recover is so bad that you can’t throw it from less thab 3/4 screen, and sometimes you can’t hrow it at all if opponent has super/ultra
You also have sniper that can be punished ON HIT by a lot of chars
And if the opponent is full screen away you can’t press any button or you’ll lose from a normal (it would be stupid to press a button anyway)
And if you get knocked down, you are in big, big trouble

So basicaly you don’t have a 50/50 (unless you knock the opponent down so you can IAT) and all of your neutral game can be blocked without chip damage.
The only way to win is if the opponent starts to suicide himself, jumping at you or moving into your pokes.
It’s basically Guile’s problems but he has a better fireball and a good jump and walkspeed, so he can be offensive in a less dangerous way.
We can’t be offensive at all. Well, actually we can, but we are always on the disadvantage. If you guess right, you get like 150 dmg, if the opponent guess right, you lose 1/3 life.

My 2 cents. Unfortunately I can’t play any other char but Sim. I tired, and it’s too different a game from me…


The fact that Dieminion is able to get top 8 regularly with guile gives me some hope i can do it consistently with sim. I think there’s still exploration to do with this character after a hard knockdown. I guess the only real reason he’s viable is because there’s so few sim and that gives alot of advantage in tourney play.

As for the tier list I’m the one who provided the numbers and I really think sim aint that great at the HIGHEST level imo.


Guile has more options, like flash kick FADC, walk speed, and… a jump-in.


I think Dhalsim is viable in the sense that he has options for almost anything and a working strategy against every character. It just takes a lot of work and no mistakes. People drop him because ^ it takes a lot of work and no mistakes.

But anyway, I think Dhalsim has two main problems. 1) He has no SRK-like move to back people off, break up pressure, or nullify wakeup games. 2) He does so little damage and takes so much that other chars are able to get away with low risk/high reward mixups against him nonstop.


I agree, the dmg is a little tough. AND its also tough for a couple of choice matches (YUN, HAK, MAK)

But i refer to YHC mochi, hes tearing it up in topanga A league. What sims are having problems with (including myself) is learning new things in matchups and piecing it all together. most chars and players only have to learn new setups that lead into damage, we need to learn zoning, boring, character speciffic techniques.

My eyes were pretty opened when I watched MAGO on topanga tv AFTER his 3-0 loss to YHC MOCHI (fei v sim), 3-0!

He showed Tokido,3 things yhc did that, while I have done them in the past, dont have in my game plan against fei.

FEI would nuetral jump, land, then srk the sim limb. YHC would cr. fp it, the fei srk whiffs and sim got a free fp punish.

FEI would focus through, dash up into pressure. YHC would see the focus and light slide into throw (spaced really well)

FEI, in corner, would set up into command throw, YHC would either commit to wake up IAT (for full combo with super) or hold up and drill out.

These are just examples of why sim, while def not the best character in the game, still has 432190 match up speciffic potentials.

If I have to read “sim sucks cause he has no srk move” again im gonna cry :frowning:


I agree with LuckyD.
Sim is quite impossible to master, because a lot of tools are char specific.
I’ll give you another example vs Rufus: did you know that after a FA level 2, you can backdash, forwardash and Ultra 1? LOL
It works only against him, cause of his hurtbox.

Yes, after a backward grab, you’ve a lot of options, also 25/25/25/25. The problem is the poor damage and the fact
that you haven’t a “vortex” after that. Unfortunately you cannot perform a combo with BLAST (as last hit) having an hard knock down.
You don’t have jumpin, and your crossup is slow and 50/50 autoflipped lol.



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