Is Dudley Black or Indian

Its hard to tell u_u

I’d say he’s Indo-British.

oh so he’s an avatar!

What the heck? That’s a really frightening picture. I can’t even tell if that is a real person or if it’s a computer generated image. The mouth is all messed up.

He’s not black, that’s all I know.

Bitches have been arguing with me for years…


50/50? black dad, white mom or vice versa? Either that or indian cause he doesn’t feel very arabian

this is again? i thought he like east indian with a british accent

He’s dark enough to get lynched by the clan. That being said Dudley is the Lennox Lewis to Balrog’s Mike Tyson. Anyways look at his muscles. You know blacks got all them extra muscles that nobody else has, it has been PROVEN by white christian SCIENCE :rofl:

obviously, given the Harry Reidesque responses this question usually generates. he’s the great white hope.

Lmao, yea Dudley is black.

lmao that settles it


I like Dudley–he’s a fantastic character. That being said, I’m still waiting for some video game company to roll out a character who is an homage to a young Ali in a fighting game. If I was in charge of Capcom, “Balrog” would never exist because the real life boxer he’s based on was in truth a flash in the pan. Mike Tyson was a modern day version of Sonny Liston–a fighter that was deadly if his opponent was afraid to be in the ring with him. If you weren’t scared of Tyson or Liston you could beat the brakes off them. Which is just what Ali and Buster Douglas did to Liston and Tyson.

Dudley is great, but we’re talking about Ali, man…Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!! Now picture a heavyweight with the speed of a welterweight…That was Ali, man. Plus he had a chin of steel and took on some of the hardest hitting fighters in the history of boxing. The guy fought Ken Norton with a broken jaw!! The original GOAT.

You know SSF4 seems to have made him darker than ever. In SF3 he was certainly lighter and I could defiantly see him as Indian-British, but I think Capcom is even confused.

What a GDLK thread.


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