Is Dudley To Classy?

I wanted to know if Dudley was an advanced charecter to play good… I am a 2000 pp scrub at best. I play Oni and i normally hit his 2 frame links an 2 frame fadc slash combo. I can’t main people like ibuki or c viper. Dudley doesn’t seem like hes to advanced, but I’m on the edge. How hard do you think he is to play?

I say play who you like. I’m a Dhalsim main only beginning to learn Dudley, so take my word with a grain of salt, but play some games as Dudley to see if you like him and he matches your personal style. His combos come with practice, as with anybody else’s. Play him and try and get a feel wether you like him or not, take him into the training room and check his spacing tools and practice combos, but most importantly play games. If your not feeling him stop, if you like him and lose a lot practice mor

There’s no such thing as too classy.

Dudley can sure feel like a burden time to time and the learning curve wasn’t easy at least for me, but on the other hand nothing compares to the feeling of hitting a 500 damage combo leading to a stun only with couple right reads. In the end it’s only up to that what character you find fun to play.

oh i know this, i wouldn’t even play a character i don’t like, I know i will like dudley, but only if i can win… he seems like a very hard character to learn, and if i don’t get him down quick enough i might drop him and i don’t like to put in the time for a character i’ll quit.

Duds is definitly advanced but well worth it if you put in the time and effort to learn him. Warning though, the Path to Dignity is a hard one… you will not be able to just pick him up and succeed without losing alot and getting used to his weaknesses, but once you learn to get past that you will realize that there is no one more dignifed and fun to play. I am proud to say I am the only exclusive dudley player in Hawaii, and i do my best to represent all I can. Don’t become another yun clone or tier whore… dare to be different.

i do nothing but dare to be different, for some reason i love to pick characters people don’t use to often or someone who’s weak. My fave so far is danny boy!
I think imma give dudley a go, its going to be some hard practise… A LOT OF FUCKING PRACTISE, but if i come out it the classier man then it will be worth it.

Dudley is so damn classy. “I Like you, please allow me to buy you a pint” BEST!

If you really want to be different, and plan on trying to really learn a character. Pick Gen. No one is ready for Gen.

Most fun, Dudley.
Most cheap, Viper.
Most OP, Yun.
Defense, Sim.
Offense… i’m liking E-Ryu currently for his rushdown, but probably Akuma.

Choice is yours

I would trade that one in for his rose toss “Gutter Trash” victory pose from 3rd Strike. I LOL everytime I see that

of course fun is an opinion, but i gotta say yun is the most cheap, i mean, most OP most cheap are the same for me.

As for Gen, I don’t really like to pick characters that not many people use so i have an advantage because they dont know the match up, im just to scene lol. Also gen is to tuff fo me, the factor of no one knowing him and being pretty damn good is to much strength fo me.

Most fun, Dudley.
Most cheap, Dudley because 1 hit stuns lololololololllllol u mad?
Most OP, Yun.
Defense, Sim
Offense Gief because he wrestles bears tho

just spent a couple hours gettin that combo down, i still miss it a lot. I spent the whole day fightin wit him, i actually did pretty fucking decent, im still a scrub, i feel the class filling my soul

Yea but have you seen what Tokido does to a Zangief, its disgusting.

i think dudley is at his best when you apply pressure. you see alot of great dudley gameplay but most of those players are alike spamming cr. jab>st.rh>mgb or duck. yes that is his bnb but when was the last time you seen a great dudley utilize all of his moves? you rarely see his SSB’s (which can be chained, and great for footsies) or his Tbolt that is great @ catching opponents off guard. not to mention his target combos that can be linked. he has 8, EIGHT!, target combos, and some can be chained with a special move, and i barely see any of them used. his st. fierce is probably his most deadly normal. i just started to main dudley and ill be for awhile b/c hes the only character i could play on stick and on a pad where target combos can be done by just sliding your fingers thru the buttons. if anything hes more like mike tyson than balrog b/c tysons bnb was his duck left hook.

Not in my book. Dart Shot (F+HK) is his most deadly normal. Fastest non ex overhead in game and you can combo off of it. If your mixup is right, it is very hard to defend against consistantly.

you’re all wrong

s.HK beats errythin

There’s also no such thing as to classy.