Is Effie and Anita important enough to come with Necro and Donovan?

I am asking because Sota has stated on that this is doubtful unless a limited run exclusives(which would be fine if it happened but it does not look good).The same goes for Poison,a possibility and it looks better for her than Anita and Effie,but not for sure.I think EFFIE,ANITA and POISON are all very important to their couterparts.Capcom bothered to give these three sprites for goodness sakes,and they play a role on their respectful games.Poison has been around since Final Fight and is Hugo’s manager in SF 3.She comes out and taunts and supports Hugo when he fights.Effie is Necro’s mutated girlfriend who rescued them from Gill’s labatory.She comes out to support Necro whenhe fights.Anita is a very large part of darkstalkers and we have yet to see her true power.She was rescued by Donovan and always seen with him and is very emotionless.

I want these three characters as much as I want all the playable characters in street fighter and darkstalkers,and I hope you guys feel the same way.
What I ask of all of you is to go to and go to the Sota section in the forums and show SOTA that we want these guys.I am sure if he sees enough fans that want these characters he will consider atleast the limited run on them.
please show your support and prove me right by feeling they are as important as i think.

The vote is here to see if they are as important as i think they are to be included in Sota’s capcom lineups.Please show your support!

I thought they mentioned in one of the threads that Poison/Hugo 2-pack was a good possibility?

Hey Wolfkiller.Sota mentioned today that they will see in the votes how Hugo does and then make a decision.Help them make the right decision!Go to and lets get these guys made as well!Remember,Sota said that they will make ALL playable characters,so we just need to fight for these guys and show that they are important too!

I want Kei Chitose and Sakura! :wink:

Hell, I’d buy a Necro figure JUST to get the Effie figure. She’s adorable!

I say that its a definite must to have Anita, Effie and Poison along with their character companions! Besides, not only did Capcom bother to give them sprites, but they also gave those characters development as well! ^^

And while we’re still on the subject on Donovan, are there gonna be any Darkstalkers action figures pretty soon!? ^^

Hello Moogleborg

Darkstalkers series 1 will be the end of the year and consist of LORD RAPTOR,MORRIGAN,ANAKIRIS AND DEMITRI.Pics will be shown next month SDCC.

Its great to read your post.Great encouragement.If you don’t mind,i will post your comment at because it is very good.
Thanks for your post and hopefully we see these guys made.