Is el fuerte cheap



why do most people think hes cheap and not take skill to use can u tell me why:looney:


because he’s low tier and many players even pro’s prefer to main hight tier chars


This could have been asked in the Q & A Thread…

~Scrubs taken to splash mountain think he’s cheap.
~He’s low tier, if he were cheap, he’d be high tier.
~Some Fools think he’s cheap since he has the Run Stop Fierce loop, but they don’t understand exactly how hard it is to pull it off and even then, find the OPENING to do it.
~El Fuerte is the hardest working man in SF4. He has poor health (900) doesn’t exactly deal hardcore damage, has LOTS of slow normals.


"hardest working man"
i dont think he is the hardest working man lol


Fuerte is a hard worker indeed, and calling him cheap is pure ignorance, he earns every single win because he is mostly fighting an uphill battle against most other characters.


tru hes only cheap to g3 scrubs who dont know how to block crossups yet lol


As soon as I saw the thread title I knew it couldn’t be good. Low tier, not cheap.


He’s Mexican, he’s one of, if not, the hardest working characters. The only other characters that require hard work are Gen, Dhalsim (or so I’ve heard), and Viper.


they say he’s “cheap” because they dont know how to block high on wake up.


thts exactly what i say but it gets so annoying when fuerte is wack hes sooo cheap when i own thm but thts why i picked him i wanted a low tier char tht take some skill to use. yah i get props sometimes but i see everywere negative shit about him lol :wtf:


The most negative comment I got was when I kept Airthrowing everything a guy was doing. when I tortilla’d every shoryuken attempt by a scrubby Ryu.

and a Disconnect / hate mail from a M.Bison player who got mad when he did a full screen Psycho Crusher that I owned with far Roundhouse for the KO


we all know ppl dont like what they dont understand haha…Fuerte is one of the main characters in this game that if you dont main him you will never fully understand him…your possibilities are pretty much endless with his run/stop built in mixups…it is extreamly hard because you have to gain or already have amazing execution to play him at that full potential (in my opinion)…even then! you still have to work hard against a majority of the sf4 cast for a win,also i think he is definatly one of the top hardest char. to use… he isnt cheap at all… you and all of us that main the macho luchador should know that… let scrubs be scrubs hahah


I always try to tell people how to get of things whenever I beat them on XBL. If only so that it won’t be as easy to beat them next time, I don’t get quite as many complaints as I used to. Heck, if I replay someone relatively soon after I send them such advice, I’ll even try to be a little predictable with what I am doing to try and get them to apply what I told them.


in fighting games, there is no cheap :china:.

some games might have shit that is broken, as in a glitch, but thats it. The srk community finds it scrubby to complain to your opponent that he did something cheap.


It’s actually funny, when I played Fuerte I always got messages from kids I beat saying that I had no skill or just spammed something. But when I switched to viper the messages were all gg’s and “nice viper”. Nothing changed, except the character.

People see fuerte doing his wake up game and or RSFing, they look simple and aren’t the most flashy thing on earth so they therefore think that it’s easy to do.

That or they simply have no idea how to play against fuerte and just rage. :wink:


true tht i like what u sed there some people dont understand its harder thn they think one of my friends was practiceing fuerte in front of me and was like aww man all his combos are soooooo easy i wanted to bitch slap him but if he actualy played against people hed get owned


yah fuerte is definitely not cheap lol…takes alot of work, but if people dont know how to block, they wil lose against fuerte


The reaction to a better than average Fuerte is kind of one of two extremes, from my personal experience. scrubs and people who have no idea what to do against Fuerte will send you hate mail and call you cheap. But, people who have skills and like to learn the matchups will usually send you a praise or even a request for adding a friend, because they realize that having good control over Fuerte’s moves is not easy at all due to strict timing and the need for a lot of mental concentration. Yes his moves are easy on paper, but applying them correctly is a totally different story.


Why do these threads keep popping up


I just started playins as Fuerte, and I’m horrible. I got hatemail from Sagat saying I was cheap. heh. I recognized that I could have cross up pressed him all day because I realized he couldn’t block it correctly, I chose not to do so. instead I mixed it up a bit. No infinite Hard punch…no looped mk’s…just running and a button press, and I beat him on wake up. ::shruggs::.

People fear what they don’t understand.

I main Rose…I get hate mail that CALL HER OVERPOWERED!?! Sorry that I didn’t let you Jumping HK me for Free Ken…My fault.

Next time i’ll QCF+HP all day and run right into your fireballs, then will I be cheap?