Is everyone just using MAME?

Hey…I was wondering, do people use Kawaks or any other emulators, or only MAME these days? I’d use MAME, but I can’t get a version that would play the newer SNK fighters (no, I’m not asking for ROMs). Think anyone can point me in the direction of a version of MAME that will play the newest NeoGeo games, or at least the asr file needed. Thanks in advance.

i jsut use kawaks for those games (for most games actually), but i think there are indeed drivers for mame to play the newer games like matrimelee, rage of the dragons, etc. but i cant help you with where to get them, cause i dont know. like i said i just use kawaks.

mame is the best system as far as arcade emulators go because depending on which version u have u could have over 3000 games

well…I’m just looking for people who use Kawaks. I’d really like some matches or something, but everyone seems to only be using MAME.

I use Kawaks a lot personally when playing with some pals and stuff, and only use MAME when I play others who swear by it. I don’t tend to see a big difference, but some other people seem to.
Has a version of Mame hacked to support more games, I’m not exactly sure the set, since as I said I tend to play Kawaks and only use MAME when other peeps deem it necessary.

The only file I saw there was a new executable and AFAIK it didn’t work right because I still can’t play KOF2K2/2K3 or SvC. Does anyone have a MAME that supports this?

The mame 0.64 is supposed to be able to play those just fine. To get kof2k2 working for 0.64, you must use F5 to refresh the list, not audit. For SvC, there is a version of it that is already patched and works on 0.64. I don’t know how to get kof2k3 working for that though.


PS.I have a mame that supports…All KOF’s, Ghostlop, All Hacked KOF’s such as KOF '96 evolution, Power Instsinct: Matimelee, Rage of the Dragons, Progear, Metal Slug 4 & 5, Pochi & Nyaa, Samurai Showdown 5 & Samsho5 special, SVC Chaos plus, and Zintrick.

All you have to do to have things emulated that actually show up on the mame game list is check which files actually make the rom. If the ones that make it up are incorrect for emulation you can go to and make your won rom out of the correct components.

IDK my mame runs 2002 just fine, not trying to find 2003 or SvC. Games are horrible.

Yeah, those games are pretty bad, but when you and your friends don’t play them seriously, they’re pretty fun just to mess around with. Also Jae, I’ve wanted to say this forever, your AV fucking kicks ass! :pleased:

SVC chaos is way too hard on MAME… It took me like an hour to actually beat Shin-Akuma!

If anyone having trouble running Neo-Geo roms on mame u should try gettin NEO-MAME!

neo geo games run fine for me on mame
kof 2k2 metal slug5 SVC choas
along with everything else…

worth getting

Kawaks is all I use. Never looked into MAME or any other prog.

Don’t really use it for anything other than KOF2k2, Last Blade2 and Garou MOTW.


mame sucks as far as kaillera is concerned…kawaks gets the job done. Kawaks has all the hacks too like…Crouching Tiger 2003 and King of Fighters 2004 Special edititon…oh yea and KOF10th Anniversary!

I use Kawaks myself, but I’ve heard that it has synching problems… hell if I know.

Kawaks is MUCH better (emulation-wise) for CPS1/2/Neo-Geo.

The QSound code on Kawaks rapes MAME for free, Kawaks is easier to get around in and has more video dither options.

I only use MAME when I’m running to a TV because it’s easier to setup MAMEWah for use on TV’s and USB adapters.

I use Kawaks too But it’s actually one of those prefabricated loaders to support SvC Chaos Plus. Otherwise yeah I use mame.

I use Mame32k 0.64 for online, cuz that’s all anybody uses on the servers I frequent. I’ve got Mame32more 0.84u3, which plays svc chaos (haven’t ever checked on the others, cuz I’m more of a capcom fighters guy :p), and as far as I’ve been able to find, this is the last version of this build. It does support netplay, but I’ve never seen anybody using it online, as far as I can remember.