Is EVO being played in widescreen or 4:3?

I have been out of the loop for a while due to some unforeseen circumstances. I was wondering if EVO was going to be played in widescreen or 4:3? I know it says 4:3 under tourney rules at the EVO site, but I wasn’t sure if it was old rules from last year and they have yet to update it. I would prefer widescreen, and haven’t played 4:3 since last year’s EVO, but if it’s 4:3, I will start my EVO training accordingly to it.

It was mentioned according to some who watched the podcast of when Wizard was announcing the lineup for Evo that he was willing to open up discussion about Widescreen. That was the last thing I heard about that.

I do hope it’s in Widescreen. Evo should give it a chance since they didn’t bother to do so thanks to a certain someone… XD

sf2 in widescreen

I cant’t believe anyone would feel comfortable with it.

I can’t believe you aren’t.

Game looks worse in 4:3 for sure

Wait wait wait… you mean people have different opinions? When the hell did this happen???

“A good skater can skate in anything. - Yeeeeah”

explain to me how it looks worse in 4:3. Black bars don’t affect how the game looks, the black bars are literally beside the point since they are displayed beside the playing field.
The game (and I mean sf2) was designed to be displayed in 4:3 (or whatever similar aspect ratio it was on arcade but on TVs it was 4:3). Putting in some new sprites didn’t change anything about the original design of the screen. The size of the stage, positioning of the lifebars, size of the characters (my God they are huge in widescreen) and the proportions between everything.

HDR is not a completely new game, it’s a completely new iteration of a game where the standard in how it should look has been set long ago. And when I say how it should look I don’t mean the graphics but I mean the layout of the playing field.

I’m not coming though so it doesn’t bother me that much but in my humble opinion HDR should continue in the trend of SF2 in general.

I mean Marvel isn’t being played in widescreen right. Doing that affects the screenlayout. Just like HDR in widescreen does.

I play HDR in 16:9 and ST in 4:3.

Widescreen isn’t bad. True the characters are really big (uncomfortably big when coming from ST after a session straight to HDR), but you can change that a bit in the options (you can kind of zoom out). With the exception of a few characters, I think 16:9 does suit ST/HDR since most of the game happens within that window too. I feel it only really becomes an issue or something with characters like Claw or Chun who use the upper part of the screen more.

According to the current rule listing at the EVO website, its in 4:3

Just to throw some grease on this fire…what’s the name of this game again? High Definition Remix, right? Isn’t High Definition usually done in 16:9 format? Funny how doing Tech Support for a cable company brings clarity to this situation. :). Carry on! ;). Tee hee hee ha ha ha ha, :slight_smile:

I think Thelo pointed out that that was a copy and past from last years blurb.

That’s certainly the usual format but as you likely know, high definition technically only has to do with the vertical resolution being 720p or higher. HDR is still a 1080p “HD” game in either 4:3 or 16:9.

On a tangent regarding the name, I never liked like shortening the game as “HDR” because that gets into confusion with Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix (as this year’s MWC’s entrant mess-ups can attest, even using the full names). Sirlin always used SF:HD (which may have been a bit general after SFIV popped up) or STHD and I followed the latter abbreviation convention for awhile until it seemed everyone was intent on calling it HDR.

The problem with calling STHD, which I’m sure everyone realizes from all the ST v. HDR hate threads that pop up, is that it isn’t ST, it’s a new game. I really wish they would have called it something completely new, like maybe simply SF2HD. says 16:9


16:9. Confirmed.

Ganelon is right. To be specific he means that when you set the resolution of your console to 720p or 1080p and then turn widescreen gameplay off you are playing in high res, pillar-boxed 4:3 ratio.

That is exactly how I prefer to play when forced to play on a widescreen display.

It’s not funny at all how people who work for cable companies don’t know crap about their own technologies.

Also, I always thought STHD referred to the internal HD version of the original ST.


:rofl: Gan thinking people will confuse HDR with Puzzle fighter.

16:9 is way more spectator friendly than 4:3 is. I won’t be able to attend Evo, but I would to watch the videos in a 16:9 format.