Is FADC fundamental in Fei's gameplay?

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to introduce FADC in my game recently, and having faced some difficulties (mainly due to the reverse DP motion), I kept myself wondering whether it was worty or not.

I make a large use of EX bars, since the most players I face online are shotos. Also, since I use focus attack a lot, EX Flamekick is a very good tool in punishers.
Currently, I can’t help but feel FADC as a waste in Fei’s game. I don’t see it as useful as in Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Cammy game, in which cases it represents an integral part to deal BIG damage in a fairly easy way. On the other side, it is rather useful when pulling out an unsafe FK, but I would rather keep myself not doing unsafe FK at all :razzy:

Now, it can be that i’m just lazy and just feel comfortable with a FADC-less game, but does anyone of you have something to say in this regard?

Thanks for your replies :tup:

I have a similar opinion. The only “good” damage after a fadc would be cw/ultra, but you have to make sure the fk doesn’t whiff, at least i can’t do it on reaction unless against an obvious jump in.
The other option is back dash but you can’t pull out any additional damage.
I’d rather save meter for ex cw and super.

fadc is worth it for extra stun. I think it’s great if you anticipate option select throw teching, and then flame kick, use the FADC to make the guess in your favor, then CW after for some stun. IMO. Also, if you didn’t know, you should use the mk version to fadc from.

To be honest, the question came to my mind exactly when you were beating my a$$ hard without any use of FADC :razzy:

Well, considering Fei can deal a lot of stun with several good normals, standard BNB combos (just end it with FK instead than rekka), and combos out of the Chicken wing, is the stun dealt using FADC worth 2 meter bars?

In my opionion, no. Unless you’re spamming ex-chicken wing, the fact is, our super might as well be our ultra and our ultra just a surprise move to be used even more conservatively than tenshin.

It makes an invincible reversal almost completely safe if properly spaced (Except against stuff like Gief’s U1 if he blocks it) at the cost of two bars of meter. That doesn’t mean you should always go for it if you have the meter, but it’s a really nice tool to have available in many situations.

You shouldn’t totally stop using the FADC tricks but keep it as an option. You may need that extra damage from your AA to catch an opponent that jump in to finish off the round or use as a mix up. It’s a situational tool that maybe needed to win. I rarely FADC from a flame kick unless i need the extra damage to finish with either a cw or ultra I. And I agree with using MK flame kick.

You basically pay the two stocks for the relative safety and 50/50 the FADC can give, not just for any extra damage you can tag on the end (although that is a bonus). Dash cancelling a Flame Kick on hit and following up with Chickenwing can also set up a couple of nice tricks with the overhead and Tenshin.

Juggle with the Heavy CW on characters it hits 3 times on, and use the overhead to crossover on their wakeup. This even works when the opponent tech rolls (in fact, you want them to tech roll). It gives you a nice mixup, and can be altered to force the overhead not to switch sides if you wish. Fei can do whatever from here really - cr.short into combo, tick Tenshin, two-in-one EX Tenshin, delayed Flame Kick or just bait reversal and backdash.

In answer to the question - No, I don’t believe it’s fundamental.

I find FADC pretty handy to cancel out of Shienkyaku if it whiffs or on block. This way you can keep up the pressure and stay grounded.

It would be really handy if you could cancel it on whiff. Unless I just haven’t noticed otherwise for almost the past year, you can’t do that.

lol u def cant fadc if it wiffs, ive been boned many a time cuz of it lol

Every character has Focus attack

Fei Long basically needs to focus cancel from a dragon kick to chicken wing to do damage, even if its very very little… can’t even use a dragon kick after a chicken wing is throwing salt onto injury. His combos being about 1 frame bullshit is retarded along with both of his ultra’s suck and when that’s not enough his Rekke punches are slow enough that they are basically the same speed as pokes when it would rival something like Cammy’s cannon drill.

i dunno about you guys but FADC is a must when i play Fei. I use EX CW sparingly because its not hard to jump over/block fireballs and walk foward. It might be just me but if you cant FADC FK>CW/Ultra than your missing out on alot of potential damage.

fadc is a useful tool to have. When being rushed by someone it shift the momentum in your favor. Also, if rushing someone it helps keep the pressure.

it’s a shame fei cant combo into flaming kick otherwise fadc would be much more crucial …but still if you can get full 3 hits of chicken wing it’s nice damage .

SO not true!

cr.LK> st.LP> st.LP xx Flame Kick works on a large portion of the cast, though it typically has to be deep (i.e. from a jump-in MP).

I posted it here towards the end of the page, and on page 23:

dragon kick if blocked fadc tenshin is useful.

oh wow i didn’t know that … but still id rather combo into rekkas if im going to use a st LP …now if only he could combo into flame kick from crouching position ( a man can dream …even though fei can cr.LK>cr.LP in to flame kick thats not really a hit confirm )

but if i do connect a jumping MP then that combo could come very handy if i have 2 bars