Is fang useless?

I wanted to like him but HE SUCKS!

he cant do anything out there. Any tips? Cause i cant do jack shit with him except get my ass kicked.

“Two Minutes, I’ll finish you in 2 minutes”

It should be…

“Two Minutes, I’ll be dead in 2 minutes”

Other then Fang being a real disappointment I really enjoy the game

He’s not useless, just might take the most work out of the cast to be competent with.

Maybe if you didn’t try playing him like he’s Ken you wouldn’t have such trouble playing with him.

The 2+2 Rules of Playing FANG
-No, you do not have a good reversal, learn to block
-Learn ALL of your normal anti-airs (cr.HP, cr.MK, st.MK, st.LP) and use them accordingly
-Neither zoning nor rushdown is strong enough to take a match with FANG; use both as needed
-Poison does not do enough damage to justify being passive, you have to constantly make them block your normals and struggle to get in

Post up your matches if you want critic on improving your #2

rush down using bomb and fireball as cover…learn to switch at the drop of a hat from: bomb > fireball > fireball > bomb runaway (always thinking about their options to get through your zoning…making sure to use the right fireball strength depending on distance and the opposing character’s available tools…ex moves etc) to relentless pressure. Do not press sweep all the time unless you have v trigger. When corner pressuring your primary goal should be to set out a trap first before doing anything. Just doing cr mp, hk bomb in the corner and then waiting…will open up a lot of opportunities because if they didn’t react to your hk bomb and try to escape, they’re basically trapped. Learn to abuse your + frame moves. Meaty 2ppp > K is absurdly good. Confirm into st mk, mp dashpunch or st mk v trigger, st hp hp dashpunch. Frame trap if the 2ppp > k is blocked with st mk > lk bomb, or st mk > v trigger. These frame traps will work the same way with stand hk and cr mk.
Learn when and how to attempt st hp > dash option select for crush counters. You wanna go for these crush counters in the following scenarios:

after a jump in is blocked, on their wakeup if you’re mixing up with meaty throw, and after they get air reset and you have frame advantage.
Dont try frame traps like cr mk > st hp or 2ppp, k > st hp or st hk > st hp. It wont work.

learn to shimmy into sweep > v trigger. do some blockstring, walk back and wait for them to press something, counter hit it, pop v trigger and end the combo.

Kappa Kappa Kappa

Very true :[

Fang takes a ton of work. If you just want points, play anyone else, just know that low LP with Fang means way more than low LP with anyone else in the cast.

Not useless. Just worst in the game atm.

This is from recent Winter Brawl, this video has some good stuff on what you should do and should NOT do as FANG as SonicFox does both in this video. This is a good start.

I really like that walk back st HP…

He’s not useless at all, but definitely has some really troublesome matchups (Chun Li stands out most asa bad one). He’s hard to play because you have to be really flawless with your spacing and extremely patient, and being able to confirm counterhits (even on sLP) is crucial to get the most out of him. But he can put up a good fight most of the time if you’re dedicated

He’s two legit

FANG just takes A LOT of work. Playing FANG is accepting a hard life and a long road. I don’t think he is bad, but it will take some time to see where he ends up.

He’s going to be working a lot of unpaid overtime just to get by.

Super Makoto was a hard life. Super Hakan was a verrrry long road.

Fang reminds me of Super Juri really. Little exposure pre release and an extremely conservative approach to an interesting gameplan. Biggest difference being Juri was noted for having some crazy stuff before release and Capcpom chipped away at her. Outside of a few exhibitions they were quiet about Fang.

It’s extremely doubtful that we’ll find some magical tech that will turn every match 7-3, but at the same time figuring out the time and place for each tool plays a big role and how he’s going to grow. 3 weeks ago we thought block string into lp ball was the bees knees and realized how wrong we were, and now we’ve learned how solid tip range xx mk trap is for pressure against certain matchups.

There are weaknesses, not trying to sugar coat it. But there’s a truckload of trial and error we still have to get through to work the kinks out.


I really wish his poison did more, feels like such wasted potential.

I see poison as a tool, rather than just an extension to his maximum damage output. If you score a poison, 9/10 you have a life lead and they are losing health. Typically you can sit back and chill out while they sit for 6 seconds eating poison. It might not be a lot of damage, but its damage. Any damage versus you taking none is still damage and the opponent knows that. using that to your advantage is key to winning with FANG. The more people realize that, the better people will get and the higher FANG will climb up the fake tier list they put him in.

If they just buff his poison to do more damage, to me at least, it would destroy any purpose to using him because he becomes highly reliant on poison and no one would learn to use him properly.

But his poison-less damage is abysmal, and even with poison it doesn’t compete with other characters. His combos from a medium attack starter deal about 100-110 damage + 50 poison, where most characters can reach 200 ( 250 for the top tier). Even if his poison damage was doubled, it would still be inferior because poison can be healed.

F.A.N.G does slightly less damage than Dhalsim does off his basic combos, but that’s not considering the poison effect. c.HP counter, c.HP, MP Yoga Blast does 253 or so. s.HK, s.HP, HP Sotoja does 241 and up to 291 if Poison lasts full duration.

So I think they probably based his damage to be around Dhalsim’s level, which sounds fair to me on paper. They both have similar game plans, where they want to zone until they find that opportunity to pressure.

I would like F.A.N.G’s damage to go up a bit as well. More specifically, I’d like the poison to be a bit stronger, but I could see how he could get out of hand if they weren’t very careful.

We all know it can be frustrating to chip away at someone, only for them to bulldoze their way in eventually and kill us in seconds, but those times shouldn’t happen often. We have all the tools we need to make them work for their win, and to get the win ourselves. We can’t have comparable damage AND strong zoning.

And we still have so, so much left to learn. Gotta keep a positive attitude :).

I will say maybe his damage output overall could be higher. In many matches where im in control it seems to take forever to really eat at their health. Fought a Laura one time both rounds I won took almost 70 to 90 seconds to win because when I was zoning scoring Knockdowns, I played it safe. I have a rule when dealing with grappler type characters to go ham on them all because I just don’t want to deal with all those grappler mix ups and Laura can be as slippery as FANG can be.

Still even if im winning its A LOT of work and time and the matches drag. Even Dhalsim can melt peoples health away from afar faster than FANG. I can see why people want poison to do more damage but I feel he might need more damage from his specials so he is awarded properly for doing the right thing. I could be wrong. He is still a fun character to use. I see why SonicFox gravitated to him so fast.