Is FANG's fighting style a thing?

Watching sonic boom this weekend, I couldn’t help but notice similarities between vegapatch’s FANG and Voldo’s animations. Are these weirdos based off some wierd ass style (that requires an equally wierd look) or did Capcom rip Namco off?

Yeah but I broke my spine doing the coward crouch into the kicks though

It’s called: Obligatory Weird Guy No One Likes To Play So No One Knows The MU Style.

Usually involves crunching your back and spinning in circles on the floor.

Voldo’s style is actually an Indian style that is essentially the first martial art. Dating back Before Christ. The style eventually was the prototype for kung fu and other asian styles. Called Kalaripayattu. Obviously Namco’s version of the style is very exaggerated and has sexual poses and such since Voldo’s story is a blind man trapped in a cave and in love with a male master.

Fang’s style according to the wikia is just a very exaggerated, comedic take on Chinese Kenpo.

Voldo’s style is literally “fuck me hard”.

I think the guys who created FANG like One Piece a lot ^^

That manga is full of weird fighting styles. Check Mr. 2. Yeah, it’s just number 2.

Dude is the fusion of



The harpist in Kung Fu Hustle

As style is a bizzarre mix of stuff, as said by @“DevilJin 01” chinese kempo, but also some bizzare “Crane Kung Fu” vibe to it and also a bit of this shit (wich remind also his story/premium alt haircuts lol)

From what I have seen, none of the character fighting styles presented in Street Fighter 5 are clearly based on one art and FANG is not an exception. I think his outlook is indeed based on a couple of movies, but his fighting style contains somewhat generic kung-fu stuff. The roll over from coward’s crouch though isn’t one that I recognise from anywhere :slight_smile: Some of his moves look a bit like striking with fingers in open palm, which is still found in a lot of styles (and requires hell a lot of training). Crane style tends to emphasize strikes with sides of the palm (metacarpal bones) more and appears bit more curved, but I sure am not any kind of expert on that style. I personally associate the open palm finger strikes more with snake style, which would fit the character - moreso with poison.

Poison Hands is legit kung fu, but it’s not its own style, instead the kung fu styles tend to have their own Poison Hands stuff. From what I’ve understood, poison stuff was exercised more in the beginning of 1900s when the competition was tough. What I understood from the style I practised, one hand would be encased in poison and covered with a glove, while the other hand was left untouched for everyday life.

FANG’s critical art though… well, it’s hilarious to see, I’ll give it that.

Ugh, I know there’s an old kung fu movie that features a villain that’s master of the poison fist, or something like that. FANG’s battle costume even alludes to it. But for the life of me, I can’t remember its name…

Interesting, especially considering F.A.N.G.'s obsession with the number 2.

He’s obviously ripped from Mr.2. I’m sure any big One Piece fan called it quickly