Is Fei Worth It?

I’ve been a big fan of this character ever since I started watching bruce lee flims, he seemed like the natural fit for me mainly because he was inspired by my idol and because he was designed as a fast and aggressive character. Now we all know that historically speaking, fei has always been a low tier character ever since his inception. This hasn’t discouraged me though as I have always took pride in the chanllenge of overcoming the odds, this is espcially true in HDR which is my main game at the momment. I know that using fei will instantly put me a disadvantage and I am okay realizing that I will lose a lot more then I will win especially as I ascend towards the higher levels of competition.

In recent times, I don’t mind the loses so much in HDR mainly because I feel that fei is a very effective character regardless of the overwhealming disadvantages he faces agaisnt the majoirty of the cast. In SF4, I was thinking I could hold true with this same attitude…but something about the SF4 iteration of Fei really irks me to the core. Granted. a lot of SF characters are in someway or form nerfed from there previous alpha/turbo/3s counterparts but with fei it seems like they completly removed everything that made fei a fun and great character to play.

Out of all the characters adapted to this game, I feel fei was handled the worst. Not only is his rekka/CW/FK preasure game completly removed but most of the other reliable aspects of his design are either entirly usless or just negated completly. He doesn’t even fit in well with the engine of SF4, he can’t utalize FAC’s that well and his ultra is a complete gimmick alongside his newly added but situational command grab. He has a hard time getting in close and any character with a strong defensive game can slaughter him for free…in short SF4 fei is a shadow of his former self which was already a low tier character lol.

This probably isn’t news to most of you, but the issue I have now is if I should continue to play as fei or drop him for a better character…especially with the advent of SSF4 being released soon. I recently endured a hasrh 15-1 beat down at the hands of a great sagat player (forget his name but it ended with coffee) and a ruthless beat down at the hands of a local rog player who beasted me 11-5. I consider myself a rather excellent player, but I feel as though fei has some innate boundaries that will prohibit me from excelling at the highest level of competition. So the question I propose is simple, should I stick with fei long and deal with the reality that I will lose more then I will win or should I trade up for a better character that will secure me victories and championships?

FeiLong is bad. But in this game, he’s just Bad. I mean, most of his specials are half baked.
s.lp whiffs on average size crouching characters, even FeiLong looks small, which doesn’t make much sense to me cannot combo into rekka unless it’s a counter is pure useless. May as well remove it in SSF4
cl.hp is not safe even on hit. (yea, I know you’re supposed to combo from it)
his sweep has short range and long recovery
His grab has really short range
His forward dash has a weird pause at the end for unknown reasons
Rekkas only safe on first hit (against certain characters and spaced correctly), kinda low damage, useless ex
Flame kick has low priority, poor range, long ass recovery
CW is poor for breaking armor, deals low damage, no overhead, a bitch to combo from (the hk version has long start up time)
Tenshin has long start up, lose to grabs, really long recovery, short window for combos, cannot combo into ultra, and comes up when it feels like it
We all know about his super and ultra problems, but thanks to Capcom, we’ll have an alternative ultra in SSF4 that works totally different.
The only thing that really stands out is his FA, but that is useless in some match ups.

I don’t even know why I still main FeiLong. I’m not even a big fan of Bruce Lee. I’m sure I can play so much better if I main Sagat or Ryu in the first place. I guess I just like playing as him. I was pissed at some point and decide to main another decent character, but none of them give me the same satisfactions. You can win with FeiLong, you just have to work much harder.
When you win, you deserve it. Anyone send you hate messages are retards. Anyone rage quit on you are imbeciles. They have no ideas how much BS we have to put up with.

Maining FeiLong isn’t easy and you should always prepare to get your ass handed to. But the more you play, the more you learn and the better you get. There’re no easier ways, not even with ryu/sagat, except their learning curve is not as steep.
You think losing 11-5 is bad? You think losing 15-1 is embarrassing? I lost to a Dhalsim 23-0 and 17-0 and I only won about 3 rounds out of them, and those are 5 rounds matches. But now I can beat him.
If you need help, get it from here. The match up and video threads are your friends.

If you just want relatively easier tournys, then switch to Ryu/Akuma/Sagat/Balrog or something. But I know you already knew that.
Honestly, I’m prepare to change my main in SSF4, especially if FeiLong doesn’t get as much buff. Some of the new characters really looks interesting, like Guy, Ibuki, or… DeeJay. But until then, I’ll stay with him.

^ agreed 100%

It really sounds like Capcom struggled hard to make him low-tier.

yo i barely lose with fei honestly hes no waste…he should real be top tier f*c sagat

I’m a big fan of the character too and I play him just for the fun factor now. He was my main for awhile but in high level play he just can’t compete.

bgf said most of it, you can win with him but you’ll have to work much harder at it. Just look at Fei’s frame data and how strict his timing is, playing him is a chore in execution.

I’m hoping he gets buffed in SSF4, but if his second Ultra (counter Ultra, don’t know how useful that will be) is any indication then I think he’s going to remain low tier

I dunno, Fei sucks at first and then you finally get a feel for the character and matchups and it all just clicks.

I don’t think Fei is bad at all. He’s got an invincible reversal, a great escape option, command grab can sneak up on people from light attacks, he’s got great pokes.

His biggest problems are safety on specials and no ability to really use his ultra. But that’s nothing to keep him under. I win WAY more than I lose with Fei and in fact the only players I’ve lost consistently to…pretty much…ever, have been Sagat players. And even now I’m starting to figure that matchup out.

Other than that, Fei can hang with the rest of the cast with work and has the tools to win. It’s up to you to use them. With Sagat getting damage toned down and Fei possibly being able to combo ultra 1 in SSF4…I’d say stick with him. If he turns out to be great, you got a head start. If he sucks, pick one of the new characters. That’s my plan.

Well it’s a wait and see for sure, but I do wanna let everyone know that I fought agaisnt that rog player who 11-4 me last night. We played in person and I 10-2 him lol, I suppose the lag accounted for a lot more then I intially expected. This isn’t to sa I think fei is good, he is still lacking compared to his SF2 iteration.

/sigh @ 1 frame links

ive decided i switching away from fei in super if lp rekka 2 isnt safe. every other rushdown type character has something safe that they can use to apply pressure at a desired range except fei. i know this goes against everything i normally say about fei, but i was up late one night trying to further train myself to hit confirm from rekka 1 when it hit me. why the hell am i training myself so hard for 158 max damage? sure i can do two, but i have to be absolutely perfect on my spacing or i eat a punnish. so i thought about it. after going through every characters toolset, they all have something easier to use that dosent require nearly as much thought

fei can be a real competitor in the hands of a top level player, but for my skill level, its just too much of a struggle

Yesterday during the nightgib (is gaming all night called that in english too?) I did better against Sagat when I was scrubbing Guile (SWIKE!) than when I was playing with Fei. I had been awake for like 20 hours at that point and wasn’t playing seriously and was spamming a lot of HK CW because it was the older version (turns out, HK CW didn’t combo on Sagat). The point is that after a while I started thinking, is Fei worse than Guile? Probably just my messing around with CW instead of playing serious with pokes/rekkas/whatever but still it’s not too far away and really, Guile sucks.

In SSF4 we all know about the BS that is his new ultra and I’m very afraid that the super will get a damage nerf cause the console chars for some reason had much better supers in general. Maybe thorugh some insane gaming miracle Fei will end up as a beast but now I think he might go from mid/low tier to just above Dan tier in the next game. IMO Fei is not worth it and I’m pretty much already set on maining either Honda, Viper or some of the new guys (I’d love to play with a 3s char) depending on how they play. I WAS hype for switching back to Fei for super but that new ultra just killed that hype instantly.

Damn, this thread is so depressing. :crybaby:

Seriously though Fei requires so much execution mastery, and spacing control that it takes top level players to play him to his potential and even then you need to be much better then your opponent in certain matchups (sagat) to even stand a chance. :nunchuck:

Also it seems like Capcom won’t be paying much attention in buffing the console characters. All their attention seems to be towards the new characters for SSF4. So unless some sort of miracle :pray: fei actually gets a proper buff I may have to drop fei to one of the new characters :lame: (guy, juri, cody)

At firts glance it is easy to say that feilong is a genereally weaker character, that he demands much more efforts and etc.

But when you think about it, fei is probably the strongest character in all of street fighter…think abiut it…

He can make fire with his foot, imagine kicking a guy in the face with fire on your foot?

Ken can punch with fire, and kick with fire in SSF4. Dhalsim can spit out fire, and Ryu can shoot flaming fireballs from distance, same goes for Akuma. (Viper requires her “toys” to do flame kicks. So she sucks)
Out of all those characters, FeiLong is clearly inferior.

Don’t forget Blanka has electricity which I think is more lethal then fire.

whoops double post

Yeah, Fei is worth it, imo he is a well rounded char that can put a lot of pressure with rekka, and Corner = paradise for him.

Fei is fun to play, and that’s why I main him. I love his rekkas. He’s worth it if you can put up with the bullshit that goes along with him :slight_smile:

yes,fuck all of his 1 frame links.

I dont think fei is that bad. if he got buffed even a little, he’d be really good.
his specials (rekkas especially) could be better though.

Fei has one of the BEST supers. its high damage, can cancel off of GOOD pokes. also why can’t supers be safe like in ST? they take a LOT to use.

Fei’s new ultra is gonna be awesome. just think of all the baiting options we’d get just having it stocked.

If you have fun playing as him then it shouldn’t matter really. We all want to win, but if you enjoy playing as him and he fits with your style then any shortcomings shouldn’t impact on this. That’s part of the fun of the game, working round it (or trying to at least).

That’s not the point.

You can have fun playing soccer with your friends being the only one with balls and chains attached to your feet for no reason. But you’ll probably think it’s unfair.