Is Fighting game terminology like another language?


Do you think fighting game terminology sounds like a another language?

Is ex lk tatsu safe on hit?

Is the lk,mk,st mk a safe block string?

Does v reverse cause crumble?

ex dive kick is +5 on block.

People that have played a lot more than myself could come up with far better lingo.
Does fighting game lingo seem like a new language. Pringles? “has armor” etc.

I mean a casual fan would be confused by most of the terminology.


No more than any other technical genre / hobby. Parting of learning something new is learning terminology and notation.


I’m going to play a I7-IV7-V7 progression in the key of G using the second inversions occasionally using the V of V to lead into VI back to I using a 7/8 time signature that goes into a 2/8 time signature every other measure and the first voice will be playing over it in Phrygian mode.

It’s almost like most hobbies or interests create terms to make thing easier to explain to others.


Every hobby and profession has it’s own jargon.


What’s a ex lk tatsu? It’s either ex or lk.
At least use proper examples.


Except FGC jargon lacks the elegance, efficiency and precision of musical notation/terminology.

Basically, it’s a language written by idiots more concerned with appealing to other idiots than they are with actual clarity and brevity.


It gets the point across and that’s all that matters. When I say link crouch strong into stand short then 2-in-1 into DP you know what I’m talking about. The terminology doesn’t need to be anything more than that. A means to convey information.


Are you a DJ,composer or a sound engineer?

What is a V?


Why do you call them idiots?


Option Select


V is 5.


Oh ok.

you compose music?


How exactly then would you quickly convey all the information there to casuals in a concise manner? Because without terminology/notation, you start to get quite wordy.

Is EX light kick version of the down, down+back, back and kick move move safe when it hits?

Can I block immediately after pressing light kick, medium kick, medium kick not?

Does hitting V-reversal cause my opponent to bend over and fall over?

Jump and then down, down+back, back and two kicks has five 1/60ths of a second where you can’t be punished.


yeah its just that the terminology looks like a different language when you look at it objectively.


Like every terminology for any activity be hobbies, science, art, etc.


Are you talking about fighting game terminology, or fighting game slang? They aren’t the same.



There’s a difference?


There is.

Stuff like “salty” or “free” doesn’t count as terminology.


You’re on some hilarious dumb shit if you dont think the jargon for something thats been developing for hundreds of years wont be better than a hobby thats been around for 25. Music has gone through a bunch of theory that this hobby doesnt have. It wasnt created by idiots but developed as best they could at the time.

Just asked two musicians about this, they are literally laughing at you right now.

“They’re probably making some crappy music and trying to sound smart about it.”

One of them has a masters in performance.


Okay? I was literally making it up as I went along typing that post. Congrats on having music friends I guess. The fact that you had to ask someone what it meant though kinda proves my point.