Is frosty throw in2 HG tempest.. unmashable?

say this happens…

rom inf to corner, frosty throw(air), continue rom inf into hypergrab tempest. since you’re in frosty throw, theoretically, you can’t mash out until you land. so, if you’re in HG Tempest (in the air) how can you mash. i know it’s hard to mash out of tempest in corner anyways but if it’s impossible to mash then why waste the hand strength… :sweat:


no it’s not unmashable, A friend of mine, and i thought about that a week ago, and while we were playing, he got me with the set up, and i mashed out.

If you get an HP throw at ROM height in the corner, you can just do an unmashable. I assume you know how to do it with Psy. With Sent, land, xx MT (quickly). Doesn’t seem like it’ll combo, but it will.

really? thanks.

yea that shit is dope. :tup:

frosty throw is underrated.

the tech is crucial. i say it’s by far the best throw to use in the corner off of rom. the HK throw, you have 2 chances to tech it right?

Technically, yes, but Magneto can juggle practically everybody with if it’s a ground throw, and he can keep them up if it’s a mid-height hk throw. In those two instances, if you play it right, they can only tech when you first grab them.

If you’re high up, say after a c.hp ^ sj.lp adf hk throw, you can still DHC. HP throw would be preferable, though.

BTW, if you do an HP throw in the corner at ROM height and they tech, xx Tempest guard breaks them. Might not work 100%, but it’s possible. Too bad the xx Tempest combo on frosted characters has really strict timing; when they settle on the ground after the bounce, they can mash out nearly instantaneously.

they have to land from the bounces, which is why if you reset with HP Grab you wanna be doing higher-ish ROM reps so they bounce higher.

i don’t play mag/sent too much. for me, it’s either mag/psy, mag/tron, or mag/cyc. i need a crutch, i’m not that fantastic. combos are easy. relating the material to mixup and strategy is totally different. i figure, maybe do… 40-45 hit rom inf, (air)ddf HP throw, 10-15 hit rom inf, (air) HGT, then finish off the character. (2nd character comes in.) BEAST ON THAT ASS! yeah, suprise butt shex. lol, i don’t know mvc2 is retarded. playing it, has made me retarded.

der der der.

:::puts thumb and pointer finger together and hits chest with thumb, repeatedly:::

^try that.

You’ll dizzy them before you can HG xx MT.

is the dizzy random or is it an actual amount of hits?

it varies.

Yep. I’ve dizzied anywhere from ~44 to ~50 hits. Those hits don’t even have to be part of a combo; the dizzy counter seems like it resets in the same amount of time for a character to start regaining health in training mode.

so if i hit someone with psy or iron man AAA assist and then do HG xxMT it is mashable?

i always thought it was unmashable cuz the keeps them in hit stun long enough for them to get caught.

and is it possible to do an HP trow and c.hp before they hit the ground and then juggle them like ur doing a snap back assist kill

nah, once you get hit by hypergrab, you can mash. alot of ppl do it in the corner b/c it’s harder to mash out.

i don’t understand your 2nd question. are you sure you don’t mean HK throw?

i’m saying, if u cant mash out of HP trow until u hit the ground. if u do an air trow and dash down to the ground fast enough can u jus do c.hp until death


If you’re frosted and you get hit, the rocks disappear when you recover. Don’t you think if you could do that, it would be seen everywhere?

i’ve seen, and i have done the rom on a “frosted character” and the frost remains.

lol, that’s different. if a combo breaks then the frosty stuph goes away. being frosty doesn’t change the juggle properties.