Is Gamefly a scam?

I’ve been wanting to give gamefly a try for a while now, and they have a free 10 day trial. :slight_smile:

Most reviews I’ve found seem to be fake as hell. Some even link to that well known ‘acai berry’ scam which tells me that the company is likely fraudulent. :frowning:

I found a code that extends the free trial to 15 days! :slight_smile:

There are complaints as recent as last week that say Gamefly sometimes takes so long to ship games to you (despite claiming 2-4 days 1st class) that the free trial ends before the games have arrived to you. That means your forced to pay for a month’s worth of the service. I’d rather not pay for a free trial. :frowning:

This company can’t be so big and well liked if they ere to run such a blatant scam right? Hope! :slight_smile:

Can SRK help me out?

Anyone who helps me out is destined to win EVO, and be supersexy. Embrace your Destiny.

Fuck my ADD!!
I’m sorry, I couldn’t read your post cause of all those fuckin’ happy and sad faces.

Are you fucking serious?

No idea about that, but I DID buy Dead Space off of gamefly for my PC just a few days ago for 3 bucks. Best 3 bucks I’ve ever spent.

Gamefly worked pretty well for me when I subscribed to it.

It’s not a scam. Was a subscriber for a full year. I will say, their inability to get titles out in a timely manner didn’t sit well with me.

But, it’s not a bad service. Just faulted as far as snail mail will let it be faulted.

This part is a scam. Otherwise it works pretty much as advertised, and I’m happy with it. Still using it to play games that I’d rather try before buying or just would rather play through once.

Also, GameFly will mail you stuff relatively fast. But you have to be “reasonably” close to one of their distribution centers or it may take an unusually long time (it’s just how it is with mail…)

I know GameFly has this thing were if you lose a game, you’re okay, just don’t keep doing it.
If you lose 3 games, then they’ll be like “fuck you” and you won’t get service from them.

I have buddies who use GameFly, they like it (they are also gay, and love men).
And when they receive a game they like, they tell the GameFly people they lost a game when they had it the entire time. They just scored themselves a free copy of the game (sort of).

So, uh, yeah… it’s not all that bad, really.
I use Red Box to rent my games because it’s at my H-E-B, and it’s better than Wal-Mart.

gamefly always works for me i get the new releases everytime when i want them. what you have to do ishave them receive the game before the game comes out and they will send you the new release everytime. i have no complaints with them it just takes about 2-3 days to get a game. i live in south florida the center is in north florida

Depends on the H-E-B really, we got two here. One where on every off week I see a dead body or someone attacking someone else as I get cheap $5 pizza, or the good one a little away where the non-poor white people go, that one has fresh sushi as well.

Gamefly is good if you know how to work the system. If you want that brand new shit when it comes out, you gotta plan ahead and have that slot open for it to ship on MONDAY, not Tuesday. For me, if I have a game I need to ship back in order to open up a slot, I need to get it out by Thursday or Friday. They’ll get it back, and if they have it by Monday, you’re in. Mass Effect 3, Halo whatever, if you got that slot open you’ll get it. I typically get my games on Wednesday, one day later than release. On occasion I’ve gotten it a day or two later than that, but this is rare.

If you slack and forget to mail shit back in time, and it’s a hot new game, you might have to wait a while. But if you know how to work the system, it works great. I have the two game at a time plan, it’s about 20 bucks a month. It makes up almost all of my gaming budget for the entire year, not including cash spent on tourney travel lol.