Is Gamestop selling the TE SF4 sticks in store?

It’s been a while since the whole stick craze happened earlier this year. Is Gamestop selling the TE SF4 stick in store? Has anyone gotten one from in store? I’m at work right now so I cannot call in to ask. Answers would be appreciated, thanks! :slight_smile:

Yes, they do. If they have any in stock or not is the real question, it will vary by your local gamestop

Why don’t you just call them when you get home…and ask?

Because I’m impatient and want to know now lol - if they sell them in general at all. Stock or not is a different question and I live in the bay area in CA so theres dozens and dozens of Gamestops around here so I’m hoping atleast one has it. I’m just going to go to the store after work it’s on the way anyway.
You could also just as easily check gamestops site…

The guy I talked to at GS said they got some in, but they’re not going to be keeping them in stock. I know that don’t have any in their warehouse to sell online. Right now Newegg has them on sale for $134.99 with free shipping though.

compsource should have them in too

I think some of you are missing the point of the words “in store”

A friend of mines just got a te stick for his new ps3. He just went to GS and asked if they had some joysticks and they had the TE and SE sticks.

It’s more common to find the PS3 sticks in stock as far as I can tell. I was looking for a Xbox 360 stick and there wasn’t a single one in the state (at Gamestop).

I was just at a Frys in West Sacramento this Tuesday and they had about 15 TE sticks for each console. This is the one on Northgate, I think the street is called.

I’ve been to the one in Palo Alto and they have stacks of these for both consoles. They had a few SE’s too.

For those interested I was lucky enough to pick the last available one in all gamestop in a 30 mile radius! I had to drive about 15 miles from my house for it lol, they put it on hold for me. They said that since launch of the game in Feb their store only got 2 in and I got the second. So lucky. I asked him how could it not be sold already, he said that it’s probably because a) people don’t even bother trying to see if Gamestop has this sort of thing or b) most of the enthusiasts build their own sticks anyway. But damn I was lucky to get the last one that all Gamestops had around the area. Sure as hell not driving 30 miles for a fightstick and back lol.

well if anyone wants to pick up the TE send me a pm with what system and zipcode, ill do a search when im at work to find you the 10 closest gamestop locations from said zip. ill pm you back once i find out. latest being 10-10:30ish CT… so yeah…

dude they sell on gamestop for $150
but some dnt have them and some do