Is getting this stick worth it?


Hey guys,

I’ve just started to get into fighting games and decided to buy SSIV and I’m loving it atm! Anyway, I am pretty bad at the game at the moment and am trying to get better and am looking to buy an arcade stick to practice on as I find the Xbox controller awful to use :confused:

I’ve read a lot of reviews on the differences between a TE and SE stick and a huge amount of people seem to be siding with the TE stick, which is understandable as it comes with higher quality parts. However, for a beginner such as myself should I just stick with the SE stick and save myself money further down the line to see if I progress?

Also, I’ve been able to find a SE stick thats been modded out with what the seller tells me are TE parts, i.e the buttons, etc. I’m still unsure as to whether he has the stock SE stick or the TE stick equipped.

How does a fully modded SE stick stack up against a TE stick? And what price should I be looking to pay for a fully modded SE stick?

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Sanwa parts are the same… Its just your choice as to what you want as far as case shape and ease of art mods… Fully modded is a pretty loose term…if its just a button and stick change out…it would be cheaper than something dual modded…with leds…wireless…you get what I mean…


Thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:

And yeah sorry, by fully modded I meant just the stick and buttons changed to the TE ones. I’m hoping to find someone who owns both a modded SE and a TE and is able to give me a comparison on how they feel and if I should get my wallet out for the TE or just stick with a SE


If you’re interested in buying a stick, and you don’t have much experience in fighting games OR playing on an arcade stick, I’d recommend the SE.

It’s reasonably priced and it’s a great stick to start practicing with. It takes a bit of time to transition from using a controller to a stick, but in the long run, it is definitely worth it. Personally it took me a few weeks to get fully comfortable doing special moves on the SE.

It’s also great because if you decide that playing with the SE is something that you enjoy and want to continue doing, you can just upgrade your stick and buttons with the parts found in the TE, they’ll fit right in. This way you won’t have to end up spending $100+ on a TE just to find out that you prefer controllers.


I’ll also jump in and say that you should probably start with an SE. It’s a cheaper entry price and the buttons/ joystick can be easily swapped with Sanwa parts. TE is a good stick right out of the box of course and you should only consider it if you never want to open up your SE and you’re pretty sure you’ll end up playing stick for good.

I personally have a couple of modded SE’s and both are great. I won’t be getting a TE anytime soon because there’s just no reason for it.


Sanwa parts feel the same. There is a diffrent feel the way the panel of the se is shaped as to the te but imo its not such a big diffrence to really notice in game play… I prefer the te but it is more for looks than actual function… Sanwa parts have been said to last longer than the stock madcatz parts… Other than that the feel of the madcatz parts are very similar…and I hear the new clone parts were made better quality in the new brawl stick se…


I too have heard a lot of people choose a TE over an SE, but of course as BlindWithOneArm mentioned if you swap all the parts, to sanwa, then its the same as a TE…in terms of parts. The “feel” of the stick will still be far different. See:
There is an image that compares the size side by side.
The physical size difference might not be comfortable on your lap.
With that said, in my opinion the best/most reasonable stick with the best feel is this one.

The HRAP V3 SA. You can get it for 360 too. I admit i am biased towards HORI, and will never buy madcatz products again…regardless of how good someone says it is. In the end, the choice is yours.
I own the V3 SA and it is awesome. Its really comfortable, smooth (sanwa parts), and it has the cord storage just like a TE. It is not as easy to modify the art however, as that is a sticker on top…but it can still be done of course. Oh, and if you are thinking…why is there a start button right there, its going to get in the way!
Well, i thought that too but it doesn’t. And besides, you shouldn’t ever be playing sloppy enough to hit that button mid-game anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


An issue with the SE is that the joystick is stiffer than the Sanwa parts you’ll see in your average japanese arcade cabinet…I’ve had a lot of difficulty adjusting to that. I tend to play a lot better on my own stick than at the arcade for that very reason.

The biggest issue with the SE would be the buttons. I’ve heard of people who had buttons go bad just after a few months. My SE hasn’t had such bad luck, but the buttons are pretty stiff and feel a bit sticky from time to time. Of course this is nothing that $20s worth of buttons can’t fix, and it’s still considerably cheaper than getting a TE.


Honestly. Why buy an SE Edition when you might eventually buy a TE stick. Just buy the TE Stick. Once you buy the TE, you really don’t have to invest too much money into it.


There are so many good deals out there that you could probably get a decent priced TE that will make you think twice about getting an SE first. Ultimately it’s your call and yes you can later upgrade parts to the same Sanwa parts as the TE should you wish and it will stand up exactly the same as the TE in terms of quality.

Ask the seller to clarify which parts he’s put into the SE, if he’s replaced everything with Sanwa parts and is offering a good price, you probably have your answer right there.

It’s difficult to answer because nobody can say for sure how you will ‘feel’ for the stick or if you’ll get used to it. I know a lot of people who used one for about a week and just gave up and went straight back to pad. A week isn’t really long enough, you need to learn muscle memory. Have you played many arcade fighters? If so, how did you feel about using a stick on the cabinet?

If you have a friend who owns one, I’d highly recommend abusing it (with permission) and see if you like it.

Personally, I just went out and bought a R1 TE stick and I’ve never had cause to regret it.


The SE is lighter than the TE in most cases so it will slide around a lot more. I recommend the TE, because even if you decide you don’t like it, you can easily get your money back on it if you were to resell it. The TE has more weight to it and has more mod options. The art is easier to swap out, there is more room inside for mod PCB’s, that sort of thing. A Toodles TE-Kitty will not fit in an SE stick without a lot of modification to the case. I’d pick up a TE and give it a shot for a few weeks and see what you think. I got mine and never looked back.


If his claim is true and that SE stick has the Sanwa overhaul, then what matters more is how you would use said stick. If you’re going to be playing on your lap, I would reccomend a TE stick mainly on size. If you’re propping your stick on a stool/second chair like me, I would probably go with the SE stick. Though, I feel a brawlstick is better than an SE stick. Either way, the price on SE/Brawl sticks have dropped from $80 to $60 at most retailers. I remember seeing the MadCatz booths at tournaments selling brawlsticks for $65 also. So it’s a good price to get yourself started. I don’t plan on getting a TE stick anytime soon. I recently bought a brawlstick and I’ll probably be modding it with Sanwa parts down the line and it’ll probably cost me a whole lot less than buying a TE stick. To each their own.

Before you even consider dropping some cash on a stick, I would spend time with one for a while and see how you like it. I like my brawlstick, but I was a pad warrior beforehand(Had to make the switch since I couldn’t use a wireless controller at tourneys anymore). And while I enjoy using stick, I still prefer pad. I feel that I’m quite a bit stronger on pad(Then again, I’m talking about a PS3 pad). Don’t go under the notion that a stick will make you GDLK.