Is Go Hibiki the 5th new character?



He’s never been in a video game before. Would be a fantastic surprise
Go Hibiki is Dan’s dad, he took Sagat’s eye in a duel and certainly was more competent than Dan (Comics)


It would be awesome, but it’s highly unlikely. He’s dead above all things, and knowing Capcom, it’s probably gonna be Asura or Haggar.


It’s probably not Asura. While there are some characters that are, well, not exactly human in the Street Fighter Series, they always try to keep it grounded a bit. If it wasn’t because of the fact that the SF3 series had almost a complete rooster change and a new protagonist, half of those characters designs wouldn’t have made it into the game. Proven by SF4, we should have probably seen Remy, Q, Oro and possibly Urien in that game too if they didn’t care about keeping the characters somewhat grounded.

Haggar is probably not going to be in it either. While it’s a surprised that so many Final Fight characters are in Street Fighter now, Capcom have said that they will not put Haggar and Zangief in the same game. Tho we are talking about Capcom here. They are sort of unpredictable in that regard.

About Go Hibiki… no way. He’s more dead than Charlie. Sagat killed him after Go took out his eye. Also, Go is pretty much Dan’s motivation of revenge on Sagat(even after he beat him in Alpha, tho Sagat gave him that victory in hopes to make sure that Dan doesn’t become like him) and becoming the greatest martial artist. Dan is fighting for his dad. That’s quite the sad backstory for such a happy guy.

I wouldn’t rule out Haggar completely, but Asura and Go are pretty much guaranteed to not be in the game.


Makes me sad, Gouken was dead, there’s hope


I’m hoping for someone from Rival Schools, either Batsu or Kyouske