Is GremlinSolutionz a trusted site?

Sorry for this seemingly stupid question, but I’ve been looking for somewhere to buy Arcade parts on stuff in the UK for a very LONG time and I find it hard to believe that I never saw them pop up. I saw a link to their site in the stickied tutorial thread. If a mod can lock this if they are, thanks. I’m not even sure if I posted this in the right place…

If it weren’t then it wouldn’t be listed in the info thread now would it.

No, not GremlinSolutionz.
Gremlin Solutions by is real though.

Everyone wants to turn s into z, because they think MadCatz is 6-buttons.

I got all my buttons and joystick top from there, it’s legit.

Thanks you two. Lock this or w/e.

I was thinking of saying the same thing, but I felt someone like you d3v would have more weight in their statement.
Since you have magical mod powers and all