Is Guile high kick usefull?

The down forward hard kick is it usefull ? it seems too slow for AA… I never see a good guile player use it in all videos i’ve seen so far.

but its a sexy move though.

no uses whatsoever. It sucks as an anti-air. Sucks as a poke. I guess it could be used in combos, but you’re better off doing other stuff. Yeah, pretty useless move. Perhaps ocassionally it may hit someone from some really obscure angle, but it’s bleh.

too bad, this was a really beastly anti-air in HF, CE, and WW. Would love to see them give it a little more startup and better recovery.

It would rock as an anti-air if you could follow-up juggle with a flash kick. But that’s not the case, so it’s uber bad.

umm, you can juggle an EX flash kick it you ever happen to connect it. That’s a big IF though.

It can juggle into an EX fk, but that still doesn’t make it worth it.

I don’t know if it’s the angle or the lack of range, but it almost always loses to other attacks. Not COMPLETELY worthless though cause Dagger_G did use the move against a Zangief player in the 5v5.

Yeah, and he won had a round (maybe more) in Evo with that. So it just might prove to be useful from time to time.

Aye, I was referring to normal flash kicks.

I like how it completely whiffs if your opponent is right next to you.

If your opponent is crouching right next to you.

Would totally suck if it didn’t connect if they were standing…:rolleyes:

how can a move with such a badass name be so shitty?