Is Hakan Solid in AE ver. 2012?

Hi guys, T.Suck (Hawk) player here. I was looking through the blog listing Hakan’s changes in AE ver. 2012 and I was thinking, " WOW! He sounds so viable! ". I could be wrong though. What do you guys think? Care to elaborate for me?

Of course we are all going to say he’s viable. But more importantly he is entertaining to say the least.

He is also perhaps the deepest character in the game currently.

Where have you heard this?

zangitan is already maining Hakan:

This is the bracket of No.102 Japan xbox live tournament (godlike japan internet …) and you can see he’s using Hakan instead of zengief but just lost to ACQUA’s yang.

Cool, just wanted to see more of this. Very interesting. : )

Yeah, I like his Hakan, you can tell he’s a player when you watch him. Just solid for the moment, will be interesting to see how he develops with the character.

i dont think so, hes getting a good buff, but everyones also getting buffed.

i actually dont want him to viable, i like that only I use him lol.

Hey do you guys think that beast Hakan, that tore up Kazunoko in the 2012 AE beta (whatever its called), do you think that was zangitan???

…That’s… That’s incredibly stupid.

That aside, of course Hakan is solid in 2k12; he was more or less solid in AE. In 2k12 he starts out in a state where he can’t be touched. He’s given soooo many ways to open people up and remain in that state.

2k12 is gonna be stupid lol.

Nope. From what I’ve seen Zangitan is still in the process of learning the character. The guy in the 2012 vid, well he looked like he’d been using Hakan for a good while, showed off some really nice stuff.

I realy would love to know wich guy Played hakan in This video

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^^ Yeah, he was at a level with Hakan which very few in the world right now are at, really impressive.

I don’t think Hakan is a viable character… He’ll just be hanging mid tier like most of the cast in v2012…You might see him win a local tourney one day but don’t expect to see a Hakan in top 8 at EVO.

Defensively, he doesn’t have a good reversal or a get-off-me move(except U2) and reliable anti-air… He’s soooo screwed once he’s in corner…Offensively, he doesn’t have a mix-up game(still no overhead) or a reliable/consistent cross-up…a slightly above average grappler.

You aren’t considering that Hakan’s gameplan is changing, to a more “keep oiled” style, rather then a “get oiled” style.

That in itself is very drastic change. You also did not mention that Oilkan’s defense is among the best in the game, period. The inherent mixup of EX spd/spd, BDNC, and backdashes. His mixup game is perfectly fine, especially when oiled (mainly due to spd). But in all reality, Hakan doesn’t NEED the super awesome wakeup pressure. He’s a footsie character who, when oiled, also possesses one of the best footsie games, period.

That being said, the change to oil won’t really be noticed for average-ish players. When you see a high-level Hakan, it’ll be duly noted. 2k12 Hakan will be as good as his player; there is no artificial difficulty barrier (getting oil) preventing Hakan from doing his thing. It now depends entirely on the player to remain in that state.

Can not wait to prove you wrong…

actually [COLOR=#969696][COLOR=#000000]Kurage[/COLOR] only defines the word “solid” a little diffrent but what he says is true i dont believe he will get TOP 8 but solid MID-Tier is solid for me…[/COLOR]

Haterz gon’ hate. I can’t lie, just adding on to what Liquigen said, Hakans defensive skills when he’s oiled are right up there with the best. You can’t safe jump him, you’re put into bad spots when HE’S waking up, sometimes it’s almost like you can’t attack him at all. The fact that he’ll be oiled up indefinitely more in 2012, I don’t know how that puts him as a ‘slightly above average grappler’.

Sometimes I don’t understand, I’ll keep sticking up for him though. Try playing the character and understanding him first eh?

No more excuses anymore, no more bitching, whining, whatever…it really is up to the player now to show what he can do, and show that he is indeed a solid character.

what you said right there, is basically what I put on my Facebook wall a week ago. Almost word for word. ALso someone asked me on FB what did Hakan needed in 2012 and I said, “Nothing really, maybe better representation at tournaments.” Lets be real. before WolfKrone and Latif, nobody really knew the potential of C.Viper. Yes Marn and Sanford was using here, but not to the degree that the former mentioned. All it takes is ONE player to shine with Hakan at tourneys. Just one. WildCat can do it easy, however when I asked him for an interview, he turned me down and said its all about the love of the game and thats it. Maybe with the edition of Zangitan or a few of us here, we can shock the world now.

I skipped AE after never finding a main in SSF4 but these buffs to Hakan have me interested in picking up the game again. Hakan is too cool.