Is legit?


I was thinking of ordering this cabinet:

Looks too good to be true. Anyone have experience with them?


if shipping is included that deal is too good to be true, if it’s not, you’re looking at another 200-300 more for shipping…


It definitely looks like a “you get what you pay for” kinda website. They have a multi-game cartridge with King of Gladiators. Too awesome.


$1.80 for OBSF-30s???

someone order and let us know…lol


[S]I do not know much about that site but the prices look to be right.[/S]
[S]Of course these are cabs with no PCB, hence to games inside, just a empty cab with a monitor, speakers, lights, wiring harness.[/S]

[S]So finding a used but working cab with a game inside would fetch more money.[/S]

[S]I look more into this later[/S]

[EDIT] Disregard the above, as Mr Happ himself has spoken[S]


don’t forget to log in with your Email and “pssword”


It’s a Chinese based company, so I can forgive the “Engrish” if they’re legit.


i don’t know why but i can’t seem to access their website

also from what others are saying when you google them there’s a few forums saying some pretty bad things about these guys


I find it kind of funny that they are Chinese-based, when Happ are American-style parts. Though, the parts are produced in China now, anyways.


Looks like a great deal for a japanese style(vewlix?) Cabinet.


Prices are way low. Sanwa jlf with a balltop and wiring harness for 16.50. Someone order and let me know because ill rape them for their entire stock of jlfs if that price is REAL.


i emailed them for a ship quote on the knockoff viewlix, new coin door, and some random parts about three days ago and haven’t got a response yet. My money is on that is where I’ll get bent over.


I am Frank Happ , owner and Founder of Happ Controls,

I have Talked to The Happmart people to try to have them voluntarily stop using my name, Happ. Happmart is simply trading of of my good name and the 25 year reputation of HAPP. and our holding company SUZO HAPP GROUP.(SUZO is our Company and Brand in Europe.

Their deals are way to good to be true and shipping a full game cabinet one at a time from Asia will be over $1,000.00 each,

I do not like the fact that the Happmart people use my name and the name of my company to entice customers, it is wrong,
we have talked with our lawyers and we will pursue any option that we can to make sure that our valuable customers are not confused by this Happmart company.

Happ controls is in no way associated with this Happmart company.

Happmart products do appear " To good to be true" , they appear to be selling some software products which may not be original works and that is against international law.
Happmart is infringing on the copyrighted name of Happ and we will continue to try to stop them.

Happ products are available on line @ or you may call 888 289 4277

If I can be of help to customers please e mail me @

Thank You

Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V
Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

'sup Frank


Shit just got real… twice this week.


What was the other time?


When B15sdm and RoninWarrior got into it.


I have seen candies on ebay for $600 you should check there and if you are going for a view I would go with a Replica it would save you a bundle and its a super nice setup

As for Frank I doubt you are going to get anywhere with them, maybe they are going for shorthand name for happy Mart probably not either way there is no way you can get them for any sort of infringement unless you patented the name happmart maybe if you the company was called Happ (space) Mart you may have a leg but if not no dice


Shout out to Frank keepin it real!


I think it’s awesome when a CEO/owner/founder, etc. of a company goes on the forums & post…The people’s champ, LOL!

Ya, those prices are way too awesome to be legit. Oh well.