Is Having Sex With A Prostitute Cheating?


Just like topic says: is sleeping with a prostitute cheating?

I say no, it’s a business transaction. Now before all you clowns get in on me again, I have spoken with my girlfriend about this before and she said, “Not really. It’s more like a business transaction.” I share her opinion. There’s no emotional attachment. It’s just give money, make a deposit, and leave.

I never thought sleeping with a prostitute should be considered cheating. If money is exchanged and you both know what it is, why isn’t it just seen as a transaction like a massage?



Most people place more value on sex then a monetary number, so id say yes for most people. I probably wouldnt accuse you of cheating, but I’d still break up with you because you put your dick/let someone put their dick in you and you honestly don’t know where that dick/vag has been and the things it has seen, and frankly i dont want to find out after i stick my dick in you and catch some funky shit.


Having sex with a prostitute reduces the chance of domestic violence… so no.


Bag your shit. Yeah, you can pay extra not to but if you have a relationship going it’s just the right thing to do.


Condoms aren’t 100%.


Dude, there’s not even an hour left in the work day. You could’ve saved this shit for tomorrow.


Are we really going to have to go into how difficult it is to catch most diseases with a condom on?

The only I’d be worried about is herpes. That’s why I like going to countries where the flesh trade is regulated.


Prostitutes are not people so its probably closer to bestiality.


Can’t catch a disease if all she’s giving you is a handjob :bee:

Unless she’s suffering from leprosy or some shit.


This is a trick question.

You never said intercourse. I assume you mean something like lonely Japanese men paying someone to sleep next to them.
Speaking of Japanese, you should get an onahole and ask if its cheating to use that or if its bad that the hole feels better then your girlfriend.


Doesn’t matter to me how hard or easy it is to catch something through a condom, a chance is a chance and i’m not willing to risk catching The Herp or AIDS or crabs or whatever the fuck. Hell you can get Gonorrhea in your mouth from eating your bitch out because she felt like letting a sex worker (or just plain random) dick swim in her walls.

Nope no thank you. You’re welcome to take that risk but I’m not. This is also why I dont do one night stands and random bar pick ups.


You take a risk of dying just by exiting your front door. You gonna stay inside the rest of your life because of it?


So is having non-consentual sex with a prostitute considered rape or theft?


If your significant other charges you for sex, is that cheating?


Your girl sounds like an easy lay. Whats her number? Its not cheating because my pull out game is strong, and i dont even wanna know her first name.


As long as she charges you for it -> not cheating.


No of course not. I have sex, I just take steps to minimize my chances of getting fucked over by doing it. You know, kind like how when I go outside I take steps to minimize my chances of having something bad happen to me, you know like not running in traffic an shit.


She says that in theory. When I was in Amsterdam last time and I was about to buy a prostitute with some buddies, she started to sulk in her passive-aggressive way. I know she believes in it, but she doesn’t believe in it while we’re dating haha.


Yes, you’re cheating the game. In order to get sex you’re supposed to cultivate your relationship with other NPCs or party members. This can be achieved by going on side quests, completing certain tasks or even having the right items in your inventory. Once your affinity stat gets high enough and you make the correct conversation choices coitus will occur. Hiring a prostitute is hax. It’s also problematic because hacking the code for such an encounter can cause bug issues for future encounters if you don’t enter the digits properly.

Another alternative is rape, but glitching in such a way is heavily frowned upon and may get you permabanned.


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