Is her F+hk an overhead?

Read the title.

Damn. ok one more question, what is her best aircombo? I usually do lp,lk,mp,mk,soul fist but I’m hoping there is a better one.

It’s usually best to use an assist to combo into super if you get the chance, but if you do land a launcher without an assist available, here’s some ways to follow up:

Against Doom, Tron, Collosus, Storm, Venom, Bison, Silver Samurai, Anarkis, Zangief, Sabretooth, Ruby, Amingo, The Hulk, Sentinal, and Juggernaut:

[Launch, sj.LK, sj.Down+HK, qcb+K, land, walk back, s.LP] repeat brackets

Against Blackheart (midscreen):

(Launch, magic series ending in HK)

Against everyone else (midscreen):

(Launch, sj.LP, sj.LK, sj.Down+HK, Shadow Blade) for damage
EDIT: I think this might whiff against a few characters, or if you’re not very close to them when you launch.


(Launch, magic series ending in HP) for better positioning

Near the corner:

(Launch, magic series ending in HK, sj.LP (OTG), land, normal jump, magic series ending in HK) then you’re in the perfect position to reset with (normal jump, call assist, HP throw) or go for a tick throw on the ground, command grab, tri-jump, or whatever.

And that’s about it for solo ACs-- she really doesn’t have much damage potential doing air combos without assists unfortunately.

i try lp.,lk.,lp.,lk.,lp.,soulfisti am working on more to the combo

Thanx guys.
alright so my only way to connect darkness illusion in there so far is
luanch+Ironman AAA,superjump immidiate hk canceled into darkness illusion. Do you guys have other examples?

I use the launch+AAA combo you mentioned alot :slight_smile:

It’s very reliable, no matter what distance or height you launched them from (as long as you time the HK correctly). Plus it works well with alot of other AAAs besides IM. Scales damage nicely when you DHC, too… although not alot of DHCs will connect afterwards.

If you’re gonna be using IM AAA, you might also consider staying on the ground and doing a short ground combo or juggle combo + IM AAA, normal jump back when IM hits, DI. It usually does less damage than the combo you mentioned, but it has better DHC options since you’re lower to the ground. It’ll DHC into Proton Cannon for good damage if you’re low enough.

Both these methods are good depending on your situation.

Then there’s the famous tri-jump LP + Tron projectile, c.LK, dc.HP, soul fist xx soul eraser. This does HUGE damage from the right distance and with good mashing. You can get it up to 100% with the right DHC afterwards. You can also do some less-damaging variants with other ground assists like Sent drones or Storm projectile.

Cool. Now my next question is I think the most important.
How to get in close safely?
This can be a bitch when up against a sent or cable + AAA.

Well… I’ve got the same problem, but here’s a few tricks that might work to get in on Sent and Cable:

Against Sent: Since you’re using Storm projectile, you might want to try and keep Morrigan covered in typhoons throughout most of the match. If he tries to punish your assist with HSF try to hop out and airdash forward over the HSF, then HP, HK, land, infinite. Also, her up-dash is pretty nice against Sent since it goes over drones/lasers/HSF as well as some AAAs… although you shouldn’t be too predictable with it.

Against Cable… well… this match sucks for Morrigan-- especially if he has Capcom.

However, if Cable gets too predictable with his ghetto traps Morrigan can get through them pretty easily if you know when he’s gonna call AAA + TK grenade. Just time a normal jump so you’re on the same level as him when starts to throw the grenade, and airdash forward when his AAA is finished-- you’ll fly under the grenade and over his AAA and wind up right in front of Cable before he has a chance to shoot you. He’ll still be able to block an attack, but at least you’ll be in close. EDIT: If he’s got meter, superjump instead of normal jumping and try to airdash out of AHVB range… not as good positioning but it’s safer…

I know it’s not much, but like I said I have the same problem… one thing that’s helped me quite a bit is watching some of Justin K’s matches. There’s usually a few up on Preppy’s site (