Is Hi Def Twitching worth the hassle?

When the video game footage in a twitch stream takes about a quarter of the picture, a quarter for your hand cam.

A) your outbound bandwidth is a 4G cell phone attached to an HDMI to USB UVC capture card…
B) you’re running a “jukebox and jackpots” stream, where the better you do in-game the more bits you keep, and the game can be any game in your legitimate game collection of 3000+ games, as requested by viewers,
C) your twitching Modern games with a 2011 Mac Mini with Maxed RAM, and CRT games with a 2008 iMac with maxed RAM, which just organizes and pipes out your HDMI to your Android where THAT broadcasts out…
D) you have a tough time with Super Meat Boy, and Bit Trip Runner on a Sony PS3DTV, but do better on an SD CRT.
E) you’re unsure you have a good YPbPr to VGA adapter with low enough processing time.

Would you just do PS2, Game Cube, Xbox Prime, and (due to HDMI copyguards) PS3 on a CRT TV and forego the HD?

I say, under these circumstances, yes.

Are you asking “for a friend”?

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Assuming no one is an enemy to oneself, then yes.

Honestly I don’t know why this question is here.
This has zero to do with tech talk. Hey @d3v, I don’t see how this is Tech Talk Relevant.

You probably want Reddit, if this is the kind of posts you want to ask They would serve your discussion better.

This is not a technology repair, mod, or parts/hardware selection issue.
This is just a Twitch content issue.

The only solution to you issue is just get better hardware and internet, end of discussion. CRTs do nothing for you on Twitch, its your capture and what you stream that matters. Your ability to play well or not also have zero to do with Twitch streaming. Plenty of Twitch Streamers suck at games, they are just entertaining and/or engaging to watch. Your capture and streaming hardware needs to be up to snuff, and you need better internet. If you are streaming anything less than 720p (1280×720) But more likely 1080p (1920 x 1080) should be the minimum. Anything less than HD, you are just wasting your time on twitch.

The game resolution your playing in does not matter, people stream games with resolution as low as 160 x 144 and still gets an audience, but if your stream going out to your viewers is not higher than 1280×720, it really don’t matter if your game is in 160 x 144 (which is the native resolution of a DMG Game Boy) or 7680 x 4320 (which is 8k). No one wants to watch a non-HD stream, not even on cellphones.

Flat out, Foregoing HD is suicide on twitch.

Can we get a real tech question, or you going to make dozen more posts how you act like you want help but you spend all the time defending your position and following false assumptions and making up facts as you go?


Nobody calls it “Twitching”.

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First I thought tech meant technical or technology not technique, so this is kind of the nerdy side of building joysticks as well as doing ancillary things that are associated with fight games, like the difference between an American and Japanese joystick, getting them to work with every console etc. I thought broadcasting on Twitch and dealing with minimizing ping on TVs would be two subjects that dealt with technology.
If this is confusing, maybe splitting the tech category into fighter / joystick specific technology talk and general tangrntial technology talk if that was the intent of tech talk.

What would technique talk be about exactly? if these games with explicit tutorials can’t teach the exact timing of the buttons to press in a combo and it’s hampered even further by poor lag times on TV relative to input, I don’t know what a website could do to teach proper technique.

if I could give one advice for technique its consistency if you could repeat repeatedly perform what you do over and over when called, that it doesn’t matter whether you’re left handed or right handed, whether it looks pretty or but if it works and not consider cheating, then why not? Mini mini golfers have been accused of having poor putting technique yet they have good results because they’re consistent. I know if I have an American stick which I just ordered to my friend Stan for future insulation, if it’s what I think it is, it should help by technique because that goes with my natural instincts.

The Japanese sell jewelry six Franklin make me feel like I’m British having tea and crumpets. Sounds very proper and gentleman-like, but doesn’t get the job done.

I looked at some of the twitch numbers and if you look at the number of the most popular channels. They are organized by most number viewers in aggregate for the game title. Over half the games in popular categories are watched by less than 5 people.

however retro another specialty streams don’t mean that have the mass raw numbers don’t have as many competing channels. There’s room for professional studios as well as one man and a camera tie productions. There’s room for both experts and personalities.

hey guy me to play some more games and this gives me an excuse to play games. Hopefully I’ll make some money. But I probably won’t. more likely I’ll meet my existing friends and meet some new friends. but even if that doesn’t happen I need to light a fire under my butt to actually do something other than just sit here and collect Social Security and live the covid lifestyle like I did for the past 20 years.

Tech Talk is the only other place in SRK that it somewhat fits in.

Bruh, I don’t know what games you’re playing, but there’s like 2 fighting games with good tutorials

Hey man, most prefer little people or dwarf.

Also, post your twitch. I’d follow that channel for sure


Well, my twitch name is the same as my SRK name and name in many other places. One explicit place where it is not is Xbox Live because I reserved the name triple topper in 2000 (that was before I moved), but couldn’t retrieve it when I actually got internet in 2007 so in order to honor my best friend who won me and other friends an original Xbox apiece, I added a 321 to my tag (I had to change it somehow anyway) to show I was in solidarity with my friend: Jamal Nickens AKA zophar321.

So my Xbox name is tripletopper321.

about zophar321

I guess Jamal would be considered a pre-Twitch gaming star. He appeared on a Spike TV reality series about playing video games and then he did so well versus competition and did so well in the tryouts for WCG that he was the outsider to be called into the WCG circle.

He got third that season and did the most then-socially relevant moment of the series: teabagging Dante in arguably the first televised teabagging on basic cable. (in the video gaming sense, not in the pre-videogaming sense, though I believe those terms are related).

Wcg and Samsung hated it so much that the rest of the shpw could be viewed as a conspiracy against him, (was Jamal really that much worse than all the other diving board dunkers?) if it wasn’t fot the fact that he tied for first in the part that the wcg and Samsung could not rig, which is video game play, Samsung was probably saying the first chance you could get Jamal out do so. That’s how bad teabagging was looked at back then.

ironically wanted two years later was the 2010 red tidal wave aka the Tea Party. Sean Hannity was complaining that one of the ladies on The View we’re calling the organized demonstrators “teabaggers”. apparently Sean Hannity was misinformed about what teabagging was and said it was a disgusting SEXUAL thing. Wrong, it’s much worse it’s a disgusting VIOLENT thing with sexual undertones: shooting someone at point-blank range and then defiling the corpse by mock raping it. But his point was still well taken that people were calling them bad names in the mainstream media.

answering mini mini golfers

First that was a misprint by my dictator I was trying to say “many mini golfers” but it doubled the word Mini.

By the way it’s the golf that is mini, not necessarily the players, though players all sizes and shapes, as well as hair, eye, and skin pigment, and any other factor that you cannot control or don’t affect your mini golf game are certainly welcome the play.

Men and women are equally welcome. Interestingly enough, into in one of my three years of doing a tournament, two ladies showed up to play. One, won her first game, and then quit because softball is recognized more highly in the college recruiting scheme than a local miniature golf tournament, to which I said go. The other one won that year’s tournament.

Also the Holey Moley championship 12 we’re pretty well represented by men and women.

And yet they still have old-fashioned golf courses which have different routes for men and women.

Back to the original question: I know there is an RGB mode in the PlayStation 2. does that easily translate to VGA with a simple passive 3 RCA for red green blue to VGA adapter, or still, do I need a 15 of 31 kHz converter?

Second does the PS3 (which must use components due to HDMI copy guards), Xbox Prime, or GameCube have RGB mode, and would a similar trick work or no.

Third, about the Dreamcast, if I want to be guaranteed the lowest screen ping results, Is VGA directly into my VGA monitor just as fast as composite or (even better color wise) S-Video straight into the composite or S-Video port in terms of screen delay? I shouldn’t fiddle with scart and then turn that into VGA, because the more things you introduce the more likely and more severely you’re going to add controller delay.

I also heard a fault of the Dreamcast is that VGA is not compatible with every game, without using a dcx disc which I don’t want to use for anything other than Samba 2000 or fire pro wrestling, my only 2 Dreamcast foreign titles. And it’s usually advised not to put in any CD ROMs, so I should minimize the use of dcx as much as possible. Is there an easy to find list of VGA compatible Dreamcast games so I can make my own judgment whether it’s worth buying it or if I should just stick with s video?