Is Hyper Bomb at least playable in semi high competion?

I’m well aware SAII is the norm Super for Alex. But I wonder, is Hyper bomb just a bad super or is it prefrence with SAII being the majority?

I’m well aware of the Hyper Bombs cons, but is it really that bad? Also what is the frame deference between Hyper Bomb and Gigas Breaker.

It’s not that it’s that bad…ok it is bad. It’s not horrible. Well…ok maybe it is horrible (for a grapple super). The problem is just majority of the time you wont be using it and Alex without EX moves is only so much of a threat. So it’s either you save up bar to hope the opponent eventually makes a dumb enough mistake that you can catch them with the super or you spend the bar on EX moves hoping that also wins the match instead. Without EX moves the only other way Alex can really create knock downs is by neutral throws, power bombs and sweeps. Sweeps knock you too far away most of the time to follow up with anything serious and power bomb…well you’re only going to be using the LP one and that’s really just mind games. You could also throw stomps in there but stomps are more of mind fuck than anything else. Can’t rely on them to force knockdowns. Neutral throws being the only one that allows you to keep pressure easily after the knockdown.

Hyper Bomb is definitely useable…it’s just Alex is already a lower tier (not low tier) character and the obvious faults of the super start to play themselves out at high level. You’re always banking on a super that’s nowhere near as threatning as Gigas Breaker and without the super you really aren’t that much less of a threat. Alex is solid enough once he has EX and the super doesn’t really do enough to make him that much scarier. If Hyper Bomb was better it probably would be a decent super against characters like Chun who limit a lot of his normal attacking options. With Gigas it’s obvious you have to very particular about what you do vs. Hugo since he can catch you doing just about anything (or not doing anything) and the super will grab you. Hyper Bomb starts up clearly after the super activates so you have to rely on someone doing a really laggy move or parrying an attack with clear recovery to connect the grab. Otherwise they can just hold up during the freeze frame and jump out of the super or even poke you out of the super.

Well, it’s good against Makoto. It at least makes her think twice before attacking.

All of Alex’s supers do that. Almost every super in the game has that effect. You can’t give a super credit because it hits or grabs people out of things if you guess right.

HB sucks. The whole point of fast grabs like gigas and karakusa (because of no freeze) is that you can force people to attempt to escape it, leading them where you want. HB doesn’t even let you do that because they know they can wait for you to do it, then jump out. General rule is this: if a super is crappy enough where the only reliable way to land it is after a parry, it’s not good. Not like you can reverse a whole lot of blocked moves either, because it’s not that fast and doesn’t have much reach.

Actually, SA2 isn’t even good either. But it’s still his best and most reliable/versatile super. In serious play, those are the qualities you’re going to want.

Whiff b.fp into HB. That’s full of awesome and gg.

whiff headbutt into Hyperbomb is full GG?

wow, it’s almost like there’s no recovery to headbutt. :shake:

Just to note, you can also grab someone with HB just before they land. Even if they empty jump. Works good online against cross-over happy people. But yeah its not something to be used high level.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. But I would imagine it’s hard to get right consistently, since you don’t know if they will attack early or late, or not at all. You might get hit while doing the motion or whatever. Anti-air parry into HB works too, but having to parry essentially proves how lacking it is.

Man…I’ve been using HB Alex since 2nd Impact. It sucks to see how bad it gets when the play level is higher. It served me well at scrub level, but as soon as I started playing better opponents, matches became harder and harder. Oh,well…It’s never too late to learn I guess.

Handicapping like the 6th worst character in the game is pretty close to as unplayable in semi-high competition you can get.

The primary problem with it is you HAVE to parry, or find a -retarded move on block, guess or land a HP Flash Chop to land it.

That’s so incredibly unreliable, and you lose better EX Moves, which do actually garuntee damage and cover his weaknesses.

It’s just a bad super. If the opponent isn’t in the air during Gigas, Gigas just kills them, the only requirement is that they are on the ground, it cant combo, but it’s garunteed once the superflash goes off, Hyper Bomb requires them to be in some sort of inability to jump.

Yeah, its something you only do when you’ve got your opponent read.

I’d say its playable. I’ve used Hyberbomb in some regionals and went okay with it. I mainly landed it from MP flash chop, and whiffing Jab flash chops. Other times I used it for punishment, like blocking EX Spinning Bird Kick. Main disadvantage is that the super bar is long.

That’s not its only problem. Its problem is that it CAN be dodged after you start it. You have to have a really good opening to land it, and good opponents jsut won’t give you that. You still can hit it, but it takes a lot of effort, and isn’t really worth costing Alex his best attacks.

I know. I only play Alex and always have played him since NG. I don’t use it point blank. Hell most of time I won’t even get a chance to use cuz I’m using EX Chops.

So random, it works :smiley:

Sometimes I use it against Chun because it keeps me from wanting to do EX moves (which can all be punished by her SA2).

I use restraint instead of a handicap.

I like hyperbomb =X


Not eleven.

Good stuff Sanchez! That is a good place for information.
Sorry for any indirect flame, I just bust my ass translating these old Gamest guides all day and I really love Alex as a character and I want to be one of the best Alex players someday. You and KSK really set the bar high but I will continue to read these hard ass japanese pages do my best to give good information and advice