Is Ibuki not good enough to get Top 8 at a Major?

By looking at the evo top 32, there are only 2 new characters in the mix, adon and juri. Ibuki is widely regarded as the best new character, but is absent from the semi’s.

Do you guys think that nobody has really mastered her yet or that she’s just not tournament good?

Floe got juri into top 2 at mwc. We’ve seen dudley win a major, but nothing from Ibuki. Even Momochi got raped by Daigo in the Godsgarden online tournament.

Just an open discussion, no hate please.

If only Momochi and especially Sakonoko signed up for EVO.

I wonder what would have happen if they did? Momochi got bodied by Daigo hard.

Well Daigo is unbeatable. But Momochi could probably get pretty high in the EVO brackets.

There’s a good few strong characters that are not top 32 at EVO. Don’t worry about it.

I was wondering if momo was in evo. I thought I missed him. Sucks. I didnt see buktooth lose but he must have. The only other decent Ibuki, Nerdjosh’s got owned by a Rufus. It sucks that Ibukis bad matches, Ryu and Rufus were all over Evo.
So many Rufus…

I dont think its a matter of wheter the character is good enough or not. Just no top Ibuki player so far or anything. Youve seen Buktooth get top 8 with her before at some major, but EVO is packed with way too many top players that main other characters.

I made top 8 out of 120+ entrants with Ibuki back at CEO 2010 down here in florida though :3

the primary reason why we havent seen ibuki far in a major is because of her pokes being really bad.

once her pressure is discovered (if she has any) then she will be doing alot better in tournies. its just that right now she has no real scary poking game for others to deal with nor really good pressure strings up close ( like divekick or burning kick pressure, good).

right now i’m experimenting with neutral game mk and lk tsumuji… they actually have decent range and are good priority… problem is that they are SO EASY to jump.

so basically we might be able to use them to make people guess jump at us so we can use ibukis good AA’s to start vortex, plus they do great block damage and mk tsumuji leads into vortex on hit confirm… plus its 0 on block.

basically there is aot of stuff still unmapped in ibukis aresenal that all requires smart and high execution play… not just an ex pinwheel or a spammed jaguar kick.


Yup I agree. I’m fairly new to the hardcore fighting community, but I can tell just based off of watching todays stream that Ibuki is not there yet. Seeing Shizza and Mike Ross destroy with good spacing and pokes is disheartening for me as an Ibuki player. I mean, Ibuki doesn’t really have an answer to that, she can be kept out by characters with good pokes where she is not effective. I sure hope that one day, us Ibuki players will have a somewhat decent footsie game to deal damage from a distance.

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bucktooth was top 8 at devastation. Ibuki has a lot of potential but has yet to be played to her full potential IMO. that is all.

I’m just waiting for Momo to get back on Ibuki. One of the top jap playing Ibuki will own and show us things no matter what.

He actually said that she base too much over gimmicks, and luck of solid game, which prevents her from being solid tourney pick.
as i see now, is the main hope for the future footsies

Isnt Adon supposed to suck?

Yeah, dont listen to what others tell you, make it happen.

Seriously, Gamer Bee takes out Wong of all people with Adon, perception shattered, Marn takes out Valle at Devastation with Dudley, perception shattered, Kuroda destroys people with Q, etc.

Shit, remember when people said Gen sucked in SF4?

Stop relying on what a few people say and make it happen people.

I thought they nerfed the shit outta Zangief in Super, oh wait, look its Vangief…

Ibuki is fine, hard as nails to use, but fine.

Well, I’ve always said Adon was good. Mostly because I can never beat one.

and she’s not that hard to use. I win more with her than Ryu or Bison, and I’m terrible at this game.

Hmmm…wasnt Buk running Ibuki? Who did he lose to? I briefly saw one of his matches on the stream.

I think she has potential and it’ll take time to actually see it in pro tourneys. I was also surprised to see Adon especially played by GamerBee

I honestly don’t give a crap what anyone says about any character. I hold firm that character specialists and overall better skills will always be the best players. This vid sums up my thoughts pretty well.
Learn your character and matchups and win.
…I wish their was 3s in Evo to see Kuroda wreck havok…

Hmm I dunno about that. I get the feeling if you wanna be the best using Gief, you have to learn to do walking 720 lol.

People only said Adon sucks cuz everybody dick riding Justin Wong’s opinions as fact. He also said Guile has no combos in vanilla SF4 and there you go, Gilley’s SF4 Guile combo video gets released.