Is input lag a factor when dealing with an A/V TV connection (RWY cables)?


Is input lag a factor when dealing with an A/V TV connection (RWY cables)?

the tv i am using may or may not have a few frames of input lag, does it matter since im using RWY cables and not an HDMI?

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Yes. Analog->Digital conversion in general, and having to deinterlace into one whole frame, are gonna be factors. What are you hooking up that way anyway, a NES? Use Component or at the least S-Video if you can. Definitely use HDMI, with whatever you have.


Im using the a/v setup bc my thought is it would combat the possible lag my tv has. This is incorrect?


Yes, it would have a chance to cause some Input lag.
Now if you had a older CRT screen with a analog tunner this isn’t a concern.

With a HD TV you are going to have some input lag anyways regardless of the connection.
Come TVs have a better Analog->Digital conversion than others, and your A/V TV RWY cables isn’t exempted from image post processing.


Yes that’s incorrect, that’s totally backwards. Use HDMI and go through your TV settings to disable as much processing as possible. Check for Video and Audio settings, I’ve been thrown off about lag due to a TV’s audio delay (to match audio to the inherently lagged video), once I disabled that everything felt a bit snappier since apparently I use audio cues do a high degree when playing.