Is Iori R2 Worthy?



Weel who out there thinks he’s R2 worthy? Don’t Get me wrong, he’s a great R2 - but does he perform well enough as an R1?

Also, where does he perform best, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd???


I’m usin him in C-Groove, his lvl2 cancels are pretty dope, but i dont know if hes worth the extra ratio point.


yea he benefits pretty well from C-groove cancels, but since that isn’t really his best groove, I think you should use him as a r.1 battery. Don’t know too much about him though, so anyone who wants to prove me wrong fell free.


Battery, pfft. Wtf is this, mvc2? If you feel Iori is your strongest character, I’d play him ratio 1 as a finisher on your team. If you have a stronger character, play Iori second ratio 2 so he can finish what your lead character doesn’t. I like to put my strongest character last, when I say strongest I mean the character I feel I play best with. That way, even if I get completely owned the first round/rounds, I always have my best character last and with that, a shred of hope for the win.



I love Iori, he is a great, great character. One of the best characters I know, his rush down game is excellent. In matches I sometimes win with just Iori being my first character. Other times I beat both of my opponents first two guys, then my Yamazaki and R2 Sagat get downed. That doesn’t happen often and you think that would teach me to make Iori a R2 character.

I REALLY do not think Iori benefits from being a R2 character. I mean seriously, unless you perform some super lucky jump in FP to RH to Maiden Masher his supers SUCK. He has great rush down and defensive game but aside from that he does little damage, its a GOOD thing he can move so fast otherwise he would suck. I will ONLY and EVER use Iori as a battery character, even though he MAY be my best, because he does not benefit from the R2 percentage increases as much as say, Sagat, so why waste it?

Plus Iori can build meter pretty fast with spamming rekken ken guard chip combos. Since Iori’s supers are weak I put Yamazaki second on my team so when Iori goes down ( if he ever does >:) ) because Yamazaki can actually make use of the meter, his mind games are out the window, a super is ALMOST GUARANTEED if you play correctly. His supers also do, I would say, almost TOO much damage. He puts them to much better use than Iori…

All you Sagat haters out there should realize if Sagat is on your team MAKE HIM RATIO 2. He already does an ABSURD amount of non-risk damage and has a larger life-bar than most. Combine that with ratio 2 and you got a deity.


Iori needs super unless you have ungodly timing

Otherwise, what are you going to do against a Blanka using the sophisticated tactic of RC blanka ball x 78?


Block it and do QCB+P or walk up a tiny bit and c.RH. Watch the “Fuck Blanka” video for iori on in the a-groove guide if you use A- also


That’s not as easy to time as it looks.


I like it how 90% of the people here make it sound like Iori is the best Blanka counter in the game. Just watch the “Fuck Blanka video”!! :lol:


Yeah, I know its not close to true, but it’s not totally hopeless…I was just correcting you man, it’s not like “WHOA all he has to do is RC Balls and I can’t do anything but get hit by it”


Note: To activate A groove custom for blanka ball retaliation, you need meter

If you start off with Iori, Soviet Russia meters YOU!


what i do is If I’m On C-Groove R2 Iori is usually my 2nd Guy(Clean-Up Crew) while my 3rd Guy is either Akuma, or E.Ryu(The insurance) and my First Guy is probably my character that i can do some serious damage with.

On A-Groove R2 Iori is my last character because i usually try to store up the bar for him, but it always turns out that it refills during his fights

as for the other grooves, i’ve never used them with him, and a never will


You need meter to punish it severely. You can do that walk-up c.roundhouse or the first rekka and get a knockdown, which is what Iori wants. Not that that will stop RC lightning though. :frowning: