Is Iron Fist a hard character to master?



title says it all. thanks


The answer will vary depending on who you ask so here’s my two cents (though I’m sure I’ll never ‘master’ him):

I found Iron Fist to be very easy to pick up and derp around with. You can pull off decently high damage combos with a blindfold on as long as you keep using random rekkas. I’ve seen a lot of people mention him as a difficult character and that had me scratching my head. The problem I’ve found is that even if you are great at laying down damage with him, you’re still going to get stomped… often… until you can learn to land a hit on someone and follow up properly. More than most characters, Iron Fist NEEDS to capitalize when he gets a chance because he might not get another one so it becomes necessary to know exactly what to do when something gets blocked to either mix the opponents up and score a hit or end on a safe(er) note and wait until you get another chance. To master him, I imagine someone would need to use a lot of higher level tactics live kara cancelling just to close the distance and pray you score a hit, using chi powerups effectively and to parry attacks (fireballs or after a failed rekka). Youl’ll also have to get real familiar with your assists since you’ll likely be using the hell out of them.

Rambling aside, if you are used to playing the computer or low/mid level competition, Iron Fist can demolish them in no time. When you come up against someone who knows their shit, you’ll have a HELL of a lot more trouble doing anything (but it feels so good when you finally do destroy characters like Vergil)


thanks for the answer man, really appreciate it.

my current team right now is Rocket Raccoon/Frank West/Arthur and I’ve tried shuffling their order, but I feel like even if I have a very easy way to level up frank using RR, RR loses to random stuff a lot with his very short range and usually dies because of his low health, then Frank will have to deal with everything in level 1.

so right now im trying out other options but i like to use less popular characters like iron fist, ghost rider, etc. coming from an obscure team, i feel im prepared how hard using iron fist will be, so i think im going to try him out and see if it will work.

thanks again.