Is is still worth picking up the Hori Fighting Commander considering all the Dpad problems?



I was thinking on picking up the Hori Fighting Commander, but after seeing the problems people are having with the Dpad becoming unresponsive quickly, I’m wondering if it is still worth the buy?

Anyone have some input?


In the last 2 console generations I haven’t seen a Fight pad I liked. And thats how I feel about the issue.
Last really good fight pads I seen and use were for the PS2 and Dreamcast.

That said my preference for most games is a joystick and not a D-pad


If it craps out you can sell it to someone wanting to use it for a pad hack. Also, lots of us have spare fc4 parts from pad hacking.


Like @Darksakul said, the Hori FC/FC4 is far from perfect.
However, in terms of fighting gamepads, it’s probably the best retail one you’ll get. I actually like the look and feel of the HFC4; been using a HFC3Pro for random non-fighting games on emulators for a long while. I don’t see how people are destroying their D-pads, but I don’t use any of mine enough (mainly a stick-user) to get to that point.

That being said, like @PresidentCamacho said, many of us have spare HFC4 D-pad modules (it’s separate and unplugs easily from a simple JST-connector from the main PCB) from all the padhacks we do (I don’t even do that many, and I have at least 5-6 in a box in the closet).


Yeah I don’t see why anyone would want to buy a pad for fighting games, except the rare few who refuse to use joysticks. Buying a pad is like using an 8 button joystick–it’s punishable by the death penalty. Pads are for platform and FPS type games, not fighting games.

If you don’t like joysticks, you have absolutely NO benefit over a pad compared to a Hitbox, except size.

Cheap PS4 pads like this are popular for pad hacking, as Camacho said, because you install them into a gutted or custom built joystick and bam: you have full PS4 compatibility without a 8 minute timeout or firmware updates needed. But the new brook PCB’s are far more flexible and powerful, even though they need firmware updates for the PS4, you have a lot more freedom, e.g. Xinput mode on a PC, which you can’t do on a padhacked PS4 pad.


Using any controller is a preference, there r plenty of players who use pad and perform well. Not 2 mention how expensive sticks r compared to pads.


The FC (not FC4) supports XInput. If you’re comfortable with the modding and don’t care about XBO it’s the best option IMO.


One time cost vs cost of replacing a game pad every few months?
A Joystick with proper care can last 20+ years. Pads can easily break in a few months time, even on those who handle their things with kidd gloves.


Talk about an over exaggeration. Ever heard of personal preference? Don’t go telling people what they can and can’t use x control method or y control method for.


Mind telling me where I told anyone what to do?
I posted an opinion and combined that with a joke, from that "8 button* Russian war poster thing. You responded with an abusive ad hominem.

So how about you not tell ME what to post on this forum? Or you can put me on your ignore list because you won’t stop me otherwise.

Enjoy your afternoon.



I will and have no issues to tell people what to do.

Sticks or Nothing.
Pad playing is the devil.
Now end with that debate,

Now back to the topic on hand.
It’s a mix bag when it comes to a GOOD fight pad, do you chance it with whats currently on the market?
Do you mod your controller?
Or do you use a older systems controller with an adapter.


Again–that’s not me telling ANYONE what to do. DId I single you out? No. Did I type anyone by name? No.

That’s an opinion.
Maybe it’s a bullheaded opinion but it still is. Darksakul and I may not see eye to eye on everything but I think he has my back on this one.

BTW I own a pad.
An xbox 360 controller modded with a cardboard circle insert on the dpad (as it’s a first release pad).
So I’m not a Nazi elitist pad hater. I’m someone who grew up on joysticks in arcades and prefer keyboard and mouse and joysticks for the appropriate games. I use a pad for games that are designed for consoles (E.g. ports to PC, like Dark Souls). While keyboard and mouse will always be better, with proper rewritten input for it, games which are designed directly for gamepads and ported directly to PC without rewriting the input code to anything but a basic level, will perform better with pads. (dark souls 1, and Darksiders 2, for starters).


Luffy would be winning all the tournaments if he’d stop using that PS1 Pad. Why hasn’t he upgraded to stick yet? What an idiot =)



Don’t pay him any mind… at first I bit his troll bait but then I figured out who he was in real life… that one weird dude on Lost…


That not my intention, but sure go with that. I just want to me smart-ass enough to end the debate.

For the record I even play turn based JRPGs with a joystick.

I don’t think that game pads in general are bad, I just wish the current market of 3rd party controller were built better.
There used to be a time if you look hard enough you will find a 3rd party game pad that is better than the default.
And I just don’t mean fight pads for fighting games.
3rd party pads are not what they used to be.


And does anyone ever listen?


O, I own this pad, and it has been beat to hell, dropped onto the cement floor at least 20 times, and my 10 monthold chews and slobbers all over it, and my d pad is just fine




Except for that part where he has not won anything since 2014 :coffee:

Trolling aside, the FC4 is durable enough, the pad can have some issues with the locking mechanisim if you tighten it too much, and it does tend to loosen up as you use it.
I’d advise locking into place once you have it where you want it with like JB weld or something similar.

Otherwise like others have mentioned i have multiple pad’s from FC4’s i’ve yanked in a box that i’ll likely never use and would be happy to give you one for the shipping price if you ever needed it.