Is it a Natural Tendency that people add themselves or contribute to a crowd?

I walked by a store one time in a mall (name I won’t say as it’s not relevant), and it has an unusually large amount of people, but it’s not like there’s a big sale or anything. Anyway then I thought about it.

**Is it a Natural Tendency for humans to be attracted to crowds? **
Is it because it’s unusual and anxiety builds the longer one stays outside the crowd wondering what is going on?

I mean if you’re on the highway and there’s an accident up ahead, what do people MOST OFTEN do? They’ll slow down to check out what’s going on when passing by.

If you’re at school or work and there’s a random crowd in the cafeteria or certain room that catches your eye. Will you go join the crowd to see what’s happening or at LEAST be curious as to what’s going on?

What is it that goes through our heads that draw us to crowds?

Would like it if this didn’t turn into a joke thread. It’s something I’m trying to decipher for a part of an assignment.

humans are curious creatures and will only look if something piques their curiosity.
a crowd simply causes people to be curious because its most likely interesting.

some people bend over and smell and examine roses and some people bend over to the bent people.

as long as its interesting to them.