Is it a simple process to wire my beloved USB saturn pad's pcb into my custom case?

I apologize for the noob question, Im sure its been covered before, but Ive honestly attempted a search and still am not sure.

I have buttons and micro switches, and a Joystick with no wireharness.

Now, if I understand correctly its simple a matter of soldering from the pad to the button you want activating it, but Im wondering which of the three metal protrusions I should solder to, or if that is really the proper thing to do.

Im also not clear on grounding in this particular situation, or the difference between common and daisy chaining and whatnot.

If some kind sould here could take pity on a noob and point me in the right direction I would be most appreciative.


NO and COM.

Signal goes to NO.
Ground goes to COM.

Daisy-chain your Ground for the Joystick and Buttons.


If that’s a rare original Sega Saturn USB pad, DON’T padhack it and get a Cthulhu instead. Those things are rare as heck.

Do it!

Thanks a bunch JDM! (pride >>>> UFC)

Its not an original, should have specified its a usb job i got. Even says sega on it.

but i cant find any diagrams on it to find a ground, but i dig it because it swaps between my ps3 and pc so easily.

Well since it is USB, you can just use the black wire on the USB.
Because that black wire is Ground.

The whole bright green thing is Ground by the way.

Or any of the contacts that do not have a Trace connected to it; those are Ground.
Contacts with the Trace are Signal.

cant thank you enough sir

So it’s a bootleg? Not an original Sega Saturn USB? Then it’s fine. Because it’s be a shame if it were an original Sega Saturn USB since those go for alot of money on eBay (saw an unopened pink one go for a few hundred dollars).