Is it a sin to be proficient on the keyboard but not at the stick?


It seems that more i try to practice with my arcade stick, the more i realize that im better at the keyboard. Is this a bad thing?


If you’re serious about becoming good with a stick, just drop the keyboard entirely. That way you won’t remember how much better you are on a keyboard because you won’t be touching it. But the chances that you’ll go to an arcade tournament are probably low, and you can use anything you choose on console as long as it’ll fit into the ports. So in 2010, you can do whatever you want, really.




no, how good is your execution?

what is your hit confirm percentage? do you get max damage of your punishes?


it seems that your playing computer, which means you probably play online. playing online doesn’t make using stick easier at all, so don’t feel bad about your stick skills. also try modifying your stick/buttons so that you are comfortable using sticks. make the stick work for you, not you working for the stick


It’s not a sin, but if you want to be good with stick drop the keyboard completely, like GaijinBlaze suggested. Don’t go back to keyboard even if your execution etc suffers. It will only get better the more you use it. I plan to do this when I eventually get the extra money for a stick (useable on pc). I have a similar problem where I will use my keyboard instead of a ps2 pad that is available because I am better at everything on keyboard (played on it for a year before I got a pad).


I think using a keyboard IS better than using a ps2 pad. Those things are the absolute worst to try to play a fighting game with. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, as someone who’s played fighting games on all manners of pads, sticks, and boards, using a stick IS the best way to play. The stick just requires much less movement and overall effort, and if you’re playing a game that requires a lot of execution, it’ll make all the difference.


I hope I don’t face a similar problem, I’ve played on a keyboard for about an year and a half now, ordered my stick earlier this week, and while I know I’m gonna face execution problems at the beginning, I hope I don’t suck much with it )=


Good news! It seems that MOST players learn to adapt, so keep practicing! I personally am on a mission to find the PERFECT console stick for myself. I seem to be the ONLY player who can’t adapt to multiple kinds of sticks. I prefer U.S., and maybe Korean, sticks :stuck_out_tongue: JP sticks are supposedly the way to go, and NOT just to try your luck in Japan in general and SBO in particular, but they’re supposedly easier to master :confused: I guess I just have to get used to the square gates of the JP design–find the diagonals on the stick–but I ALSO can’t find a comfy grip for the JP sticks… It’s also a matter of trying sticks that are durable and haven’t broken on you already. If ONLY there were a way to test out multiple sticks BEFORE committing to buying them!!!

I have a gamer friend who plays on an ANALOG stick of his pad. I guess that’s NORMAL these days?!?! :open_mouth:


I bring 3S everywhere I go, on a laptop. I play on keyboard for fun or when there are no sticks available. It’s fun and rewarding to beat people using a keyboard.

I’ve done Gen’ei Jin a couple of times.

Play on keyboard for fun and ifyou’re confident in your execution. Otherwise go with a stick, or even a pad.


I dunno about Korean sticks, but a lot of people prefer Japanese sticks over US because of either diagonals being unreliable(usually the case with Perfect360s) or JP sticks requiring less force to do motions, meaning less strained wrists. It’s really personal preference, but a lot of players and even arcades are switching to JP sticks so it’s probably a good idea to adapt.

I used to do that during my earrrrrrrly days of Dreamcast 3rd Strike. 360 grabs on the dpad was hard.


Keyboard is fun to mess around with but for serious play I’d say stick is better. There is nothing wrong with using Keyboard, and if you can work it into the form of a PS2 controller why not use it for a tournament. I prefer stick but I can play pretty well on Keyboard, I’m getting to a point where I can 360 on keyboard. I remember when I started charge partitioning on a keyboard, fun party trick if nothing else.


If ur using keyboard, i’d say play just to experiment and learn.

When i use KB, its harder to hit confirm and reaction punish, so instead i focus on zoning, baiting, etc.

What you learn from kb would only help your 3s knowledge imo


What kind of a stupid question is that? Are you trying to show off? 4y3paragon your resident GGPO god plays on keyboard. It’s not big deal. Some dude at evo played on keyboard, I think they called him wuziq and he did ok as well. It’s not a big deal. Make yourself a box with the keyboard keys instead of a stick like wuziq and be done with this silly thread. I don’t think any of these dudes use keyboard so they wouldn’t really be able to tell you anything that would be of much value to you given your experience and their lack there of.


I’ve been playing on a stick for 3 months and I haven’t touched a pad at all during that time. Still suck at stick, can’t understand how moving your entire wrist is easier than pressing a few buttons (dpad/arrow keys). Though stick buttons are way better of course.