Is it alright if i advertise a local tournament i'm holding?


Topic. I’ve lurked around SRK for ages just enjoying all the information posted up here. though now that i have something interesting the share i’m not sure if it’s okay to post it. i’m holding a tourny in Georgia Is it alright to post stuff like that and where should i post it?


PM The Man With The Plan


Post it in the Tournaments sub-forum:
Tournaments & Events

No need to PM anyone.


gonna to let you in on a little secret

If you scroll down, past Marvel Vs Capcom 3, past Street Fighter IV, and continue scrolling down past the edge of the universe (Tech Talk), you’ll find oh my god more forums.

You’ll find these hidden all the way at the bottom.

You can use these special “regional” forums to discuss upcoming local tournaments, organize and invite people to sessions/tournaments, and even find those elusive offline players everyone’s always talking about.

But don’t tell anybody else!


How can someone claim that they’ve lurked the SRK forums for ages…and not know about the Tournaments & Events, Regional Matchmaking, and Tournament Calendar sections?


Please don’t do that.

Just post it up in the tourney section. Read the rules first though!


I think this is a sign that putting a link to the regional boards at the top of the forum would maybe be a decent layout idea.


I agree. I’d imagine at least 40-50% of SRK members don’t even know the Regional forums exist.

EDIT: I mean honestly, why is Regional Matchmaking below Media Studios and Trading Post?

EDIT2: Actually why is it below Online too? I’d go Discussion Groups, Strategy Zone, Regional Matchmaking (can put it in front of Strategy Zone), The Dojo, Online Forums, Trading Post, Shoryuken Media Studios.


Or…people can learn to scroll down a page.


…And whose fault is that?

That suggestion is asinine; you guys are suggesting the layout be changed because people are too stupid and lazy to OMG MOVE THEIR MOUSE DOWN A FEW INCHES TO SEE THE REST OF THE FORUM.

I bet you all have no problem scrolling down the SF4, MvC3 forums to read the latest tier lists or other similar crap. The fact you guys are whining about moving a mouse down a internet browser makes me wonder if you guys even have the mental and physical capacity to get off your SF4-themed beanbags. Grow up.


I’m suggesting the layout be changed because it makes the most sense. Why is the media section above the regional matchmaking section. Do you honestly believe that someone posting fanart is more important than arranging meet-ups and meeting local players? The emphasis on SRK is first the fighting game (at this time SSF4/MvC3) and second, the community. How do you build the community? By emphasizing local meetups.

Look, I’m glad that you’re willing to scroll all the way down every single page you visit looking for things that aren’t readily apparent to you, but noone else is. People don’t even KNOW that there’s a regional matchmaking forum, so why would they scroll down the page looking for it?


Again, you’re saying it as if the people like me that do that are somehow “going the extra mile” or something. That should be anyone’s prerogative on any forum main page. You scroll down all the way until you can scroll no longer. If people are so ridiculously one minded about SF4 and MvC3 that they lose the ability to pay attention to anything else…well, honestly I just don’t know what to say. That’s just really, really sad.

Why you are trying to defend people’s laziness and tunnel vision is beyond me.


I like it the way it is now, it pretty much ensures nobody under the age of 17 shows up to your sessions


Because that’s how the real world operates. Things that are simple and convenient are much more popular and widely used than things that are inconvenient or unorganized. Sure if I want to visit the Gen Q&A thread, I should go to, click on forums, click on SFIV series, click on SSFIV, click on Gen, and then click on the Q&A thread, but if there was a hotlink like, you telling me I shouldn’t use it because then I’d be lazy?

I honestly don’t even know what you have against my idea of restructuring the forums to emphasize what should be most important. It seems like you’re shitting on my idea just to be doing it.


Rearrange the forums for lazy readers? No.
I don’t think this was even an issue until around 2009.

Oh…and has anyone heard of the search function?

I worry about you kids that get an email that’s more than one page long…


You can dance around “this real world stuff” all you like. Although that’s a pretty squalid argument too because plenty of places will refer people to the correct place without having to rearrange their offices or what-have-you. I wish the business office were still on the second floor of the Skylight Cafe at my college. Oh woe is me! I must now walk 50 feet to the main office building now. That’s somewhat inconvenient to my laziness, I’m going to suggest to the president they change that shit back.

And of course that totally works as an argument in respect t*o scrolling ones’s mouse down a few pixels down the page. Something that takes less than a second. *

People will actually argue how to make things more convenient to their laziness, rather than just doing the damn thing and getting it over with. I’ve seen some sad stuff in the SF4/MvC3 forums but this is truly pathetic. Sorry, but I’m done with this, this is embarrassing.


Your argument is unbelievably stupid. You offer no reason why the forums SHOULDN’T be rearranged. I came to SRK to get info on Street Fighter, not to visit the regional forums. I imagine that’s what 90% of the people here have done. Hell, look at what thread we’re on now. This guy didn’t even know the Event subforum existed. He asked an honest question because he obviously didn’t know any better and you walk in here all elitist and shit?

Newsflash: You can’t define what others should or should not do. Why would ANYBODY scroll all the way down to the Regional subforums if all of the info that they thought they needed was contained at the very top of the thread? Most places organize subforums by order of importance. That’s why most people scroll down a little bit and then ignore the rest.

And honestly, you can harp on and on about your vision of other people’s actions, but when my title and sig aren’t about my tournament, they’re advertising the Arkansas thread on the regional forums. You won’t believe how many people have come up to me and said “You know, if I didn’t see your signature, I never would’ve known that there were actually people playing in Arkansas.”

So yeah, go run away embarassed. That sounds about right to me.


That’s actually a pretty good point. If someone doesn’t have the maturity and physical dexterity to scroll down a forum than its probably best they don’t show up to meets/tourneys.

A built-in weeding-out process so to speak, I love it.


I’ll back SmokeMaXx on this one, he has a point. Rather than trying to be an exclusive elitist collective, the focus should be on welcoming as many people as possible. Losing games with no desire to get better should be enough of a weeding-out process as it is. And if games are held at an arcade or something, that’s more revenue. I’d understand why a new person would assume that the forums are listed in order of importance and not bother to scroll down. There’s no need to be such an ass, Tech Romancer


This smoke dude’s about to pop a blood vessel :rofl: