Is it bad to only play offline?

It’s almost impossible to find a match on XBL or psn, so I find myself playing offline most of the time.

Someone had said that playing offline will cause bad habits.

If you mean offline with people, no, of course not. If you mean playing against the computer, yes.

damn. Well may I ask why exactly?

Computer always falls into patterns and you may get too accustomed to them. Play against someone in a real match and odds are you’re get wrecked because of how unpredictable people can be. Playing strictly online can also cause bad habits, but for different reasons and it could depend on the game.

Offline is absolutely better since there’s no lag, you can learn the game with your peers, and no rage quiting. You should make a big effort to hook up with people or gatherings in your area.

For the same reasons people posted in the last thread you made.


Playing against the computer is basically only useful for a few execution related things. It doesn’t play like a real person at all.

What Aku said. If its with people for the love of god savor it because you lucked out. If its only against the CPU you’re gonna eventually hit a wall and get smashed when somebody who knows what theyre doing eventually plays you.

Do you play on XBL or psn I’m going to a tourney at play n trade idk when it is.

XBL and PSN is flooded with players playing SF4, not sure exactly why you have this problem finding people to play against.

It causes bad habits because the AI falls for basic patterns due to its programming. Human players have tendencies, weaknesses, strengths, patterns of their own, all things that can change on the fly depending on how good your opponent is. You can play a hundred Ryus online, and they will have different skills and abilities, and this variety will help improve your fundamental understanding of how the game is played and how matchups can be played.

Playing the computer on the hardest difficult can get you somewhat far, but you’re not going to be tearing up mediocre players or tournament veterans this way.

Playing people > Playing the computer.

So should i go back to normal SF4?

I play normally on psn because I only have ps3. If you have a choice, you should play xbl since more people play on 360 hence less lag. That said, I play a balanced diet of offline and online. I learn way more about the game offline but online is where people use a lot of gimmicks so i learn how to fight those.

Should probably call and find out then shouldn’t you?

How would it make sense to go back to an older, outdated version of a game, to find more players?

If you’re trolling me, it’s a boring way to do it. At least make it interesting.

well if you ever get an xbox add me :D.

No, When he said “SF4” he meant the newest version of the game (ie. not any other fighting game)… which is AE2012. Assuming you have AE2012, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to find any matches online. There’s an online matchmaking thread where you can easily get games in with other SRK members in lobbies, and probably learn a few things and fill up your friends list. People will NOT add you on a whim if you post it in the NSD.

Ah i see is AE2012 the update that came in in dec?

Yes. And if you’ve gone online with AE, you would have been forced to download it. You also see the wording AE 2012 under the SSFIV logo before you start the match if you have it installed.

Thanks man.

as long as you know that playing against comp isn’t the same as playing against human players you should be fine. i use AI to practice combos on a moving target when i feel like practicing combos or when i dont have an offline competitor.